Monday, October 01, 2012

Countdown to Halloween

I've recently been feeling the urge to indulge in some blogging again, and thanks to a post by Bully earlier today, I found some inspiration:  The Countdown to Halloween.  So, for the month of October, I plan to post something Halloweenish every day.

Just, y'know, probably not here.

Oh, I'll try to come up with as much as I can to post here at the mothership, but since most of my Halloweeny thoughts will be more pop culture centered, I'll be doing the heavy lifting over on the spin-off blogs.  Over on Categorically Thinking, I'll be revisiting my Enjoyment Modifier ideas by exploring my thoughts on various Horror sub-genres and tropes, as well as compiling lists of my favorite (and least favorite) horror themed media.   Meanwhile, The Loquacious Librarian and the Reviews of Doom will be featuring a horror-themed review each day.