Friday, May 27, 2005

FABMQ: Frequently Asked Blog Monkey Questions

Some answers to some of the more frequent questions about the blog.

Q: Why monkeys?
A: It's a by-product of my friendship with Rebel Monkey

Q: Why Infinite Monkeys?
A: It's a play on the old Infinite Monkey Theorem which I used as a basis for a fictional publishing company, Infinite Monkeys Press for a school project which I finished right before starting the blog; the project is no longer available in its original form, but I've recreated as much as I could here.

Q: Why are the Infinite Monkeys in Crisis?
A: This is a play on one of the defining comic book events of my childhood, Crisis on Infinite Earths

Q: What's the purpose of this blog?
A: To give me a vent for all of the random things floating around in my head, ranging from my thoughts on pop culture to a detailed examination of my neurotic tendencies.

Q: Are you really that neurotic?
A: Not as bad as I used to be, but there are flashes here and there. Click here for insight into the workings of my mind

Q: Who are the Parkerites/Book Monkeys/Singles?
A: At the time I started CoIM I basically had three groups of friends I regularly kept in touch with: you can find out more about them (a) in this intro to the Book Monkeys, Parkerites, and Singles; (b)in the old school Cast Lists posts; or (c) on the Official Cast List Page

Q: What up with the “roles” in the Old School Cast Lists?
A: My discussion of the roles people play in groups is part of what inspired the Cast List in the first place.

Q: Why use nicknames?
A: Partially anonymity for my subjects, and partially to amuse myself; of course, it's almost become more trouble than it's worth at times . ...

Q: Where do you come up with the nicknames?
Q: Why don’t I have a nickname?
Q: How can I get a different nickname?
Q: Why haven't you used the idea I gave you for someone else's nickname?
A: For the full scoop click here and here, but long story short: I stink at coming up with nicknames, and yet have trouble allowing others input. I'm a freak.

Q: Why are there so many nicknames that start with "Cap'n”?
A: It's because those are the members of CAP'NS: the Coalition Against Puttin' Nuts in Stuff.

Q: The what now?
A: Basically, CAP'NS prefer to have their food-stuffs unmarred by the addition of nuts. There are varying degrees of anti-nuttiness among the CAP'NS

Q: You eat Peanut M&Ms, so how can you be a Cap'n?
A: I don't like nuts in cookies, brownies, etc. because the crunchy mixed with the chewy freaks me out; M&Ms are already crunchy, so no cognitive dissonance.

Q: Are you sure that makes sense? Aren't you contradicting yourself?
A: Believe me, this is not the only time I've been accused of contradicting myself

Q: What's TOFKAP?
A: That's "The Obsession Formerly Known as Primary," which is what I called my Primary Obsession after I finished it, but before its grand unveiling

Q: Can I read TOFKAP?
A: If I've ever actually met you face to face, probably; if you're merely an internet acquaintance, the odds are less favorable, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

Q: Is there anything else that I need to know when reading the blog?
A: I'm sure there's lots of stuff that only long-time reading will make clear, but a few things that pop up a lot are:

Or, if you're really a glutton for punishment, you can slog your way through my Secret Origins series, where I go into painstaking detail about my evolution from total neurotic mess to only partial neurotic mess.

Q: You know, you seem wound a little too tight: maybe you should have a couple of drinks and relax?
A: Trust me: it doesn't help