Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"What I Watched" Wed: TV Time

**Mon Oct 23**

How I Met Your Mother (CBS 7:00): Glad to see Bryan Cranston showing up as Ted's clueless boss; even gladder to find out the character will be recurring.

The Class (CBS 7:30): Ethan as Superman was a highlight of the episode, as was Yonk's inability to detect sarcasm.

Two and a Half Men (CBS 8:00): Charlie dating a copy of his mom was fun, although I would have loved to have seen more of the younger Charlie and Alan doppelgangers.

**Tues Oct 24**

Gilmore Girls (CW 7:00): One of the better eps under the new regime; was glad that they had Rory confront her problems with Logan at the end of the ep rather than dragging it out in broody silence for weeks.

Veronica Mars (CW 8:00): Poor Veronica; so much better at making enemies than making friends. Of course, it doesn't help that the new enemies are stupid and short-sighted fools.

Help Me Help You (ABC 8:30): The first big stumble of the series so far; up until now Bill's super-competitive nature has been more entertaining than annoying, but with the birthday party fiasco I found myself cringing as often as I was laughing. But watching Jere Burns ranting about how great Tom Hanks is was great.

**Wed Oct 25**

Jericho (CBS 7:00): The mystery of why Jake left town begins to clear, but I'm much more interested in the mystery of where he went afterwards.

30 Rock (NBC 7:00): Once again, I can hardly believe how much I'm enjoying this show. I thought the Tina-Fey-choking gag came back once too often (she really should see a doctor about that), but the poker battle between Alec Baldwin and Kenneth the Page was awesome. No sigh of Jane Krakowski or Rachel Dratch this week; anyone else have the feeling the writers aren't quite sure what to do with them?

Lost (ABC 8:00): I would just like to state, for the record, that I still think Lost is great, and that still have faith that the creative team has a plan and knows where they're going. I did think Sawyer fell for the con a little too easily, but after everything they'd gone through it was probably better to be safe than sorry, eh?

The Nine (ABC 9:00): At some point while watching this ep, I turned to PigPen and declared "This show is draining my will to live." The consensus of The Boys of Benjiman Street is that Egan is pretty much the only thing worthwhile about the show, and that the dragging out of the bank robbery flashbacks is already wearing thin. Setting up the possibility that the deceased sister was in on it has bought them another week of my time, but just barely.

**Thur Oct 26**

Ugly Betty (ABC 7:00): Was good to see Christopher Gorham, too bad his character probably won't be back, thought he made a good match for Betty. I'm enjoying the interplay between Betty and the other assistants more now that there's a little more friendliness behind it. The show works better for me when it focuses on the comedy aspects and not on the soap aspects.

Supernatural (CW 8:00): And the mystery of the "special children" deepens in a satisfying way; glad to see that Sam isn't the only one not to have gone evil, it adds a bit more mystery to their potential future encounters.

**Mon Oct 30**

Heroes (NBC 8:00): Have to say I wasn't too surprised that Mohinder's friend was a plant, nor was I surprised the Claire's bio-parents weren't quite what they seemed. The battle between Niki's two sides continues to intrigue me, and the show has quickly become part of the must-see TV or the Boys of Benjiman Street.

**Tues Oct 31**

Veronica Mars (CW 8:00): I'm holding out hope that Wallace didn't actually cheat on his exam, if just because the show has been good about throwing curveballs like that before. Once again Veronica sabotages one of her few friendships with her suspicious nature, and from the ads for next week her relationship with Logan is headed the same way. But at least it all feels natural for her character, which is more than some shows can say. Was good to see Cliff the lawyer pop up again, really wish he had been the one promoted to full-time cast instead of Sheriff Lamb, who more often than not just annoys me with his idiotic refusal to take the Mars family seriously. However, he did score some points this week with his "does not compute" robot dance.

**Random Shows I'm Just Now Getting Caught Up On**

Men in Trees (ABC, Fridays 8:00): This is one of the shows that I enjoy when I watch, but if I miss it, it's not going to kill me. I'm still more interested in the supporting cast than I am in Marin, but the fact that they've allowed her and Jack to actually be cordial to each other has helped me like her character more. It was also nice to see the talented Ever Carradine pop up as her sister; would love to see more of "New Baby" on the show.

Brothers and Sisters (ABC, Sundays 9:00): Had myself a mini-marathon of the first 5 episodes of this show last week, which should tell you that I'm hooked . . . for now. I like the relationship between the siblings, which feels like a real family dynamic to me. I do think they all fly off the handle a little too easily (especially Balthazar Getty's character), but so far it hasn't been enough to sour me on the show.