Monday, December 10, 2007

Movie Mon. - Werewolves at War

I had such nice plans for getting all caught up on movie and TV watching this weekend but alas and alack they came to naught as I actually wound up hanging out with Cap'ns Peanut and Shack-Fu most of Saturday, and had some extenuating circumstances intrude on Sunday. So, here's my one movie review for the week.

Skinwalkers: So-so werewolf flick about two rival factions of werewolves fighting over a young human/werewolf half-breed who is prophesied to contain the power to destroy the curse of lycanthropy. The acting was pretty good, and the plot line was decent with a nice twist here and there -- I wish they would have done more with the Native American angle -- but I wasn't a big fan of the overall werewolf design, and some of the CGI was spotty. Held my interest and I wasn't sorry I saw it, but not one I'm going to rush out and recommend to all of my friends.