Monday, December 08, 2008

Miscellaneous Monday -- Look Who's Back, Back Again

Infinite apologies for the lack of updates, my blog monkeys; November was a crazy month, and I apparently needed the whole first week of December to recuperate enough to start blogging again. A few updates on what's happened since I last blogged:

  • I finished my novel for NaNoWriMo, passing the 50,000 word goal by a little bit on the day after Thanksgiving ; if you click here and choose "Novel Info" you can see an incredibly unedited excerpt. Am taking several weeks away from it before entering the editing phase. Plan to blog more about the process later

  • I am now officially no longer one of the Boys of Benjiman Street, having moved into the spare bedroom at Cap'n Shack-Fu's house on Wicker Way -- or, as relatively new Single The Dread Pirate Squaberts* likes to call it when chaneling his inner record-scratching DJ, Wicka-wicka Way. I'm starting to feel more comfortable there, but it's really strange thinking of it as "my place" instead of "Shack-Fu's place." And speaking of the Shack-tastic one . . .

  • Today marks New Agent in Training Shack-Fu's first full day at the FBI Academy**. He drove up to Roanoke on Friday -- between a 17 and 18 hour drive, I believe -- and drove the rest of the way to Quantico on Saturday. The initial check-in and orientation were supposed to be yesterday; I chatted with him briefly a few times while he was on the road, but haven't heard anything since he actually entered the hallowed halls of Quantico. No telling how long before he'll get a chance to contact the outside world again; be sure to send your prayers and good thoughts his way.

  • I now have an iPod, a DVR, a laptop, and wireless Internet at my house; yes, that's right, I've finally joined the 21st century. An early adopter, I am not. Next step: flat-screen TV for the living room.
So, between writing, moving, organizing all of my music for the iPod, a few Singles activities, heading home for Thanksgiving, and just trying to squeeze in all of the quality time I could with best bud Shack-Fu before he headed out, a lot of stuff fell by the wayside. Heck, I went almost the entire month of November without watching a single movie, only breaking the streak the day after Thanksgiving, so you know my head's been in a different place than usual.

Here's hoping I can get back on track.

*Nick-name a work in progress, and a long story to boot
**Could I just take a moment to mention just how surreal it is that my best friend is now officially at the FBI Academy? Hard to wrap my head around it.


Flunky lover said...

Good to see you back again.