Tuesday, June 16, 2009

TV Tues - Ups and Downs

Again, just trying to keep the blogging momentum going, so just some general TV thoughts.

First, things that have made me happy

  • Better Off Ted is one of the funniest shows to come down the pike in a long time; I did a big dance of joy when it was renewed
  • Did smaller joy-dances when Castle, Dollhouse, and Chuck were renewed.
  • Did a much bigger joy-dance when word came down that Futurama is coming back on the air with 26 new episodes, courtesy of Comedy Central.
  • Am beyond happy that the new season of Wipeout has started; can't go wrong with the continual proof of my favorite adage: "People getting hit in the face -- always funny. Always."
  • The penultimate season of Lost started off really strong, lost its way just a tad towards the end, but ended with a massive mind-frak that makes me want it to be 2010 right now so I can see how it all ends
  • Best late night comedy sketch in quite a while: Twitter Tracker!

Things that made me not quite so happy
  • Cancellations of Pushing Daisies, The Unusuals, and My Name is Earl.
  • Continuing decline of Heroes, which not even the return of Bryan Fuller could help
  • Lackluster reboot of Cupid; the original version with Jeremy Piven and Paula Marshall was filled with rapid fire wit and incredible chemistry -- the reboot fell short on both counts, despite too leads I like a lot.
  • Parks and Recreation, the lackluster new show from the creators of The Office. Can't believe just how bland and uninteresting the show is.
Maybe next week I'll get back into more timely reviews . . . maybe