Thursday, October 21, 2010

Great Minds, Yadda Yadda Yadda

Last night as I started watching The Ultimate Fighter: GSP vs Koscheck I sent a text to PigPen and TopGun saying "Well, it's time to see how much Koscheck is going to tick me off this week," knowing that both of my pals share in my Koscheck-loathing.  A few minutes later TopGun responded with a text commenting on how much Koscheck was already getting on his nerves. We then proceeded to text a running commentary back and forth during the episode, ripping on Koscheck and his team for the cockiness, self-delusion, and bad sportsmanship while expressing our concern over the first fight of the night -- after all, the inclusion of two fights in an episode usually means the first one is a short one, and, as I texted to Clay, I was a bit afraid that the shortness of the fight might be because Koscheck's fighter managed to knock out GSP's.

No sooner had I sent that text than the fight started and, seconds later, ended in the greatest way possible:  GSP's 6th pick, derided by everyone for only having one move, took out Koscheck's number one pick with --you guessed it -- his one move.  I immediately started to laugh hysterically and grabbed my phone to text my joy to TopGun.  However, as soon as I picked it up I knew that I couldn't convey my thoughts effectively in text-format, so I decided to just call him.  Unfortunately, the call went straight to voicemail, so I waited patiently for the beep so I could record a message that was just my maniacal laughter.  But before the leave-a-message-beep sounded, there was another beep -- the call-waiting-beep.  Sure enough, it was TopGun calling in, so I hastily switched over to take his call and unleashed my crazy laughter at him, as he responded with cries of "That was awesome!"

He then confirmed what I had suspected:  the reason my call went to voicemail was because he, like me, felt that the moment had been too spectacular to leave to texting, and had been calling me at the same moment I was calling him.

This is an example of why the most oft-repeated phrase in the house during our time rooming together was "Get out of my head!"


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