Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Yes, I'm Alive (No Thanks to Shack-Fu . . .)

As often happens, time off for the holidays has thrown off my blogging momentum. But, since many of my regular readers have been otherwise occupied by holiday travel, I doubt my posting has been missed all that much.

My biggest news of the day is that, exactly six months following the initial injury, I had my final post-operative check-up today*; my hand surgeon said everything seems to be healing well internally, and the physical therapy sessions have been showing diminishing returns so I don't have to worry about those anymore either. Which means I might soon be done paying medical bills, and will be able to put that extra money towards paying off some of my other bills.

As for my subject line, well, there's a story there, but one that will require me to download some pictures from my phone which document my best bud's kidnapping of me in B.A.R.T.** on New Year's Eve when he transformed from Cap'n Shack-Fu to Super Tiger Dragon Hyper Action Rescue Hero Edition Shack-Fu, now with more Fire-Fighting Actiontm .

*Quoth Zinger when I told him the news: "Next time, have PigPen break a more easily healed part of your body."
**Bad Ass Rescue Truck for those of you with short memories