Friday, June 06, 2008

Fragmented Friday - Keeping Up With the Spawn

  • The other day I noticed that Cap'n Bubbles' roomie, Brown-Eyed Girl, had changed her Facebook status to indicate she had gotten a call-back, leading to the following instant message exchange
    ME: I'm out of the loop: what did you get a call-back for?

    : The summer musical at Denton Community Theatre called "Lil Abner". My sister got the lead female role!

    ME: She gets to be Daisy Mae? Cool. Who you trying out for, Stupefyin' Jones?

    Stupefyin' Jones in the middle, Daisy Mae on the right

    BEG: haha, yeah she's Daisey Mae. Stupefyin' Jones doesn't sing or speak, so hopefully that's not my part. I'm amazed that you know about Lil Abner, no one else younger than my parents seems to know

    ME: Don't forget, you're talking to someone who is both a comic book/comic strip geek* AND a theater geek

    BEG: good point
    Just heard from BEG a few minutes ago, she just got cast as one of the Dogpatch wives.

  • Recently Flunky and Flunky Lover have started up a blog to chronicle the exploits of their two spawn** which is cool because it not only helps me keep up with what's going on with Clan Flunky, but because it also give me ample opportunity to take part in one of my favorite hobbies, which I've neglected far too much as of late: taking pot shots at my best bud Flunky. Flunky Lover posted that she was surprised at how much she enjoyed getting comments, to which I replied
    Oh, and I'm with you on the comments thing; I think I was much more inclined to blog regularly when I got more comments from more people; nowadays I pretty much only get feedback from you and PigPen (and Zinger, but only in a "stop being such a lazy bastage and actually write something" sort of way), which makes it feel like I'm writing for an audience of two or three, which saps my will to write.

    Well, that and the fact that Zinger is right and I am a lazy bastage.
    A couple of days later Zinger messaged me saying how sad it was that he now had to go read other people's blogs to see stuff that I had written.

  • My biggest regret with being sick this past week is that I missed out on judo twice; I probably could have gone last night, but I really didn't want to push my luck, since it was proving to be a pretty hard illness to shake. Feeling much better today, and am glad that this is one of the weekends when I don't have to help anybody move.

  • A couple of my co-workers are trying to talk me into dressing up as my favorite horror movie character next week for Friday the 13th; somehow I doubt this would go over well with the higher-ups. Plus, since one of the major proponents of this idea is well known for trying to mess with my mind, I can't help wondering if it's all part of a massive plan to shower me with pigs blood, metaphorically speaking. At least, I hope it's only metaphorically speaking . . .

  • My folks are planning on coming down to visit in a couple of weeks. Hopefully this trip will turn out better than last year's planned excursion, which went from "mom and dad coming to Denton for my birthday" to "me flying to Tulsa through stormy weather after a huge delay that occured with me stuck in-between two large gentlemen while nursing a bruised tailbone so that I could get a new car after my old one suddenly bit the dust."

  • Our pastor's son has decided to buck his family tradition of attending Baylor, and is instead heading off to my alma matter, OSU. This past Sunday when they honored graduating Seniors during the service, the youth pastor made sure to mention that Dr. Jeff was wearing orange and black. I was sure to go up to him after the service and tell him that orange and black were good colors for him.

*Honestly, when I was a kid I practically read the cover off of the Li'l Abner collection from the Miamuh Public Library; one year mom actually had to make me stop reading it so I could read other stuff for the March of Dimes Reading Olympics.
**Think the second story in this post could be one of my favorite "Spawn say the darndest things" stories ever.


Goobygal said...

I read I just don't contribute. Sorry : (

Katie said...

I think that your "co-workers" deserve nicknames, O Capn. Just a thought.