Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mr. Voorhees

As I mentioned last week, Dr. Pester and another co-worker have been discussing ways to commemorate Friday the 13th. While the original plan was for people to dress up as characters from horror movies, it was finally decided that we would just have makeshift Jason Voorhees hockey masks. And, since Jason was born on Friday the 13th, what better way to celebrate than a birthday party?

Yours truly

The Mask Maker

Our student assistants

Dr. Pester herself, complete with "Happy Birthday Jason" party hat

The full complement of Jasons

From Jason Voorhees to lightning-bolt eye-browed Mighty Duck in one fell swoop!

The flip side of the mask
Our aisle was also decorated with lots of balloons bearing a mini-headshot of me with eyes colored red and fangs drawn on; another coy of the picture was pasted on my chair, with the label "Vlad the Librarian." Sadly, the headshots are too tiny to show up well on my cell-phone camera, so you'll just have to imagine Dr. Pester's handiwork yourselves.