Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Obligatory "Not Dead, Just Lazy" Post

Yeah, I know, I'm a slacker. No really good excuse, just haven't been in much of a blogging mood recently, due to lots of reading (read Soon I Will Be Invincible in a day, more on that later) lots of TV watching (finally watching the first season of Burn Notice, courtesy of, excellent show, you should all watch it now if you haven't already), and a little bit of illness (missed work on Monday, slept until noon, felt slightly better). Plus, the tiny crack in the left lens of my glasses decided to become a not-so-tiny crack and has finally infiltrated my general field of vision; as such, I went for a long-overdue eye exam, got my new prescription, and will be picking up some new glasses in an hour or so, along with prescription sunglasses, a first for me.

I'll try to get motivated to post some more stuff before the week is up, but no promises.


Starrlett said...

Dude! Did you like Invincible? I was sooo going to check that out from the library this afternoon anyway!

Cap'n Neurotic said...

Well, I just returned my copy to the north branch a few minutes ago, so if you hurry you might be able to snatch it up :)

Yeah, I liked it quite a bit; wish the ending had been a little bit stronger, but overall, an entertaining read for any superhero fan.