Tuesday, January 27, 2009

TV Tuesday - Schedule's Filling Up Again

As February approaches, returning shows and mid-season premieres are making my viewing schedule a bit packed; may have to start cutting a few things soon. Although, if I ever get around to getting a TV for my living room that might help, as I could at least have something going while I'm working out.


TUESDAY, January 20

(Fox, 8:00): Glad this one is back. Was good to see Olivia kicking major butt. I was glad that she stood up to the jerk with the vendetta against her; him standing in her way for no reason was going to get old real fast.

Privileged (CW, 8:00): One of the better episodes they've had of late, but not sure it was enough to keep it from the chopping block for me.

WEDNESDAY, January 21

(ABC, 7:00-10:00): Loved it, very excited to see where exactly this season is headed. It made me want to go back and rewatch the Desmond-centric episodes about his time travels again.

THURSDAY, January 22

My Name is Earl (NBC, 7:00): Was very glad to see the return of Estrada or Nada. Lots of good stuff in this one, most all of it centering around Joy, whether it was her proving that she was indeed an Estrada, or her diving into her witness protection identity.

The Office (NBC, 8:00): The Dwight/Michael story had its moments, especially the chase for the contact info, but the real highlight of the episode was the on-going "Hot or Not?" debate; wonder what Hilary Swank thought of it?

30 Rock (NBC 8:30): Like with The Office, it wasn't the A storyline of Jack and Liz at the retreat that entertained me the most, it was the Jenna/Frank and Tracey/Kenneth storylines. The Wikipedia bit was priceless, up to and including the "Janis Joplin eats kittens" moment.

Grey's Anatomy (ABC 8:00): The best part of the episode was Christina and Meredith finally coming together again . . . that and the sign that the silly Izzy/Dead Denny story is about to move on to its inevitable "Izzy's sick" conclusion.

Private Practice (ABC 9:00): It's always a bad sign when your least favorite character on a show is the one who's supposed to be the main focus, isn't it? And I think they've just about done the "Dell lets his emotions cloud his judgement" story a few too many times. Once the crossover with Grey's is done, I'll be re-evaluating this one's spot on my viewing roster.

Burn Notice (USA 9:00): Love this show with a bloody passion; watched most of the second season in one day. Think my favorite episode was the one where Michael played a geeky scientist -- that was a lot of fun to watch. Great writing and great ensemble. If you're not watching this one, you're missing out.

FRIDAY, January 23

Batman: The Brave and the Bold
(Cartoon Network, 7:00): Was so nice to see Ted Kord treated with respect; his death in the comics was such a waste, at least the show made it a meaningful sacrifice. Plus, the writers always seem to do their best work when the focus is on the Jaime Reyes Beetle; I'd love it if they were able to spin him off into his own show.

Wolverine and the X-Men
(Nicktoons, 7:00): A pretty entertaining new take on the X-men, filled with little touches for long-time fans. Its continuity seems to borrow from several different iterations, from the regular books to the movies to X-Men: Evolution to Ultimate X-Men. Was nice to see Rockslide and Dust pop up; kinda looking forward to seeing Pixie.

Battlestar Galactica
(SciFi, 9:00): I just don't enjoy the show nearly as much when its focus is primarily on the humans; not a bad episode, but I'd rather get a closer look at the inner workings of the Cylon culture. Plus, Mr. Gaeta has started to grate on my nerves more and more.

Psych (USA, 9:00): Not much to say about the "arsassin" episode other than I'm glad to have this show back on my regular viewing schedule.

SATURDAY, January 24

Meadowlands (Showtime Beyond, 2:00 AM): At this point, all I'm hoping is that the big mysteries of the show get resolved by the end.

SUNDAY, January 25

Flight of the Conchords
(HBO, 9:00): Although the songs were better in this ep than in the last, it's still not quite living up to the first season for me.

United States of Tara (Showtime, 9:00): Two episodes in, and I'm still enjoying it.

MONDAY, January 26

Trusts Me
(TNT, 9:00): So far, so good; Thomas Cavanagh does his usual thing, which is a positive, and I like the main female lead with all of her borderline anti-social quirks. I'm just hoping that they don't revisit the "Connor is jealous of Mason's promotion" idea too often; I'd much rather see the two of them work together in synch than be at each other's throats.


TUESDAY, January 27

(Fox, 8:00): The team investigates a phenomenon that literally melts people's brains.

Scrubs (ABC, 8:00): Two episodes back to back again, one of which answers the question of who will take over the vacant chief of medicine position, as well as the fallout of J.D. and Elliot's rekindled relationship.

WEDNESDAY, January 28

(ABC, 7:00-10:00): A focus on Desmond's search for Faraday's mother.

THURSDAY, January 29

Private Practice (ABC 9:00): Addison's brother returns, and Violet talks to the two potential fathers of her child.

Burn Notice(USA 9:00): Michael helps a football coach concerned for one of his players.

FRIDAY, January 30

Batman: The Brave and the Bold
(Cartoon Network, 7:00): The Atom and Aquaman do their own riff on Fantastic Voyage, shrinking down and travelling inside a poisoned Batman.

Wolverine and the X-Men
(Nicktoons, 7:00): The third part of the introductory storyline introduces Emma Frost to the team.

Battlestar Galactica
(SciFi, 9:00): Mutiny on the Galactica.

Psych (USA, 9:00): Shawn and Gus sign up for training camp for a pro football team. Yeah, that can only end well.

SATURDAY, January 31

Meadowlands (Showtime Beyond, 2:00 AM): Jack's body turns up, and the investigation begins anew.

SUNDAY, February 1

(ABC, Superbowl halftime): The biggest break-out hit of the summer returns with a special football themed "cheerleaders vs. couch potatoes" episode which will be shown during halftime of the Super Bowl.

The Office (NBC, post-Super Bowl): Michael tries to get the office crew to relax.

Flight of the Conchords
(HBO, 9:00): Bret tries to form his own gang

United States of Tara (Showtime, 9:00): Tara's date night goes awry when Buck comes to the forefront.

MONDAY, February 2

The Big Bang Theory (CBS, 7:00): Sheldon's actions lead to a confrontation between Leonard and one of Penny's musclebound exes.

How I Met Your Mother (CBS 7:30): Robin needs a job to keep from getting deported back to Canada, and agrees to let Barney produce her video resume.

Chuck (NBC, 7:00): Chuck save a rock star

Two and a Half Men (CBS 8:00): Alan's receptionist/girlfriend invites him to move in with her and her stoner mother.

Heroes (NBC 8:00): Chapter 4, "Fugitives" begins as Hiro tries to train Ando, Claire stumbles onto Project Wideawake, I mean, Nathan's plot, and Sylar starts the search for his real father.

Trust Me
(TNT, 9:00): The client decides they hate the tagline, and the team scrambles to come up with a new one to keep the account.