Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Call Me Cap'n Jinxy

No sooner do I post about how great it is to have Cap'n Shack-Fu back among the Singles, then I get word that after being back for less than a week, he's already gettting shipped off again, this time to help out with disaster relief in tornado striken New Mexico. On the bright side, at least now he'll be stationed somewhere where 90% of the population don't use FEMA as an expletive, and where he doesn't need to fear for his life if he leaves his motel after dark; plus, he got a few days to come home and get a brief recharge of his batteries before heading off again. But those are small consolations compared to being able to spend time with your friends and family, not to mention sleeping in your own bed.

So please, my blog monkeys, send all of your prayer and good thoughts out to Cap'n Shack-Fu as he sets out on another extended trip; with luck, this one won't be as long as the last.