Thursday, April 19, 2007

It's Funny Because It's So Painfully True

While chatting with Diva earlier today about the dearth of submissions for Write in the Thick of It so far this week, I assured her that I would pester PigPen at lunch to try to write something. Of course, I wound up not seeing him at lunch, so I instead text-messaged him revealing that I had been charged with pestering him. I then texted him again saying that as long I was pestering him about the writing challenge, I would also pester him about something else that he was going to check up on. He responded back that he had already checked up on it, so there was no need to pester. My reply was to decry how horrible it was that there was no need for me to pester him, since without pestering, what other purpose do I serve? Quoth PigPen: "You also are very talented at being my whipping boy. So there's something you have going for you."

Touché, PigPen; touché.

When I shared the story with former roomie and constant blog-avoider Wrath teh Berzerkr, his one comment was "a pest needs to be whipped from time to time."

Et tu, Wrath, et tu?