Monday, April 30, 2007

Movie Mon. - HyperForce 3000 Seal of Approval

Blades of Glory: Goofy comedy about two male figures skaters (Will Ferrel and Jon Heder) who get around a lifetime ban in Men's Singles by competing together in Pairs. If there hadn't been a group decision to see this one, I would have gladly waited until it came out on DVD, and I probably would have been slightly happier -- and not just because for some reason the Movie Tavern was like a freakin' sauna on Saturday night. While not a bad movie, for me Blades just didn't have enough going for it to warrant the full price treatment. Most reviews I read when it first came out suggested that the movie was great when they were on the ice, and faltered elsewhere; I have to say that that's a pretty fair assessment.

Hot Fuzz: Hilarious British comedy from the cast and creators of my favorite film of 2004, Shaun of the Dead, who this time turn their twisted minds from zed-words to the world of buddy-cop action movies. Afraid I'm not quite up to an eloquent analysis of the film and all its charms this morning, so I'll just have to say that this one got the HyperForce 3000 Seal of Approval, and will probably be purchased by both PigPen and myself when it comes to DVD.