Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rinse and Repeat?

Last week, when I was dropping off some contracts at the Dean's office and picking up my PAC binder*, the Associate Dean of the library saw me and inquired as to my health, since apparently word has spread that I am an allergy ridden, sickly individual. She then began to wax poetic on the wondrous preventative powers of something called a "Neti Pot." I had never heard of this before, so she pulled up a video to show me what it was. And, while I totally trust her ringing endorsement of the product, and am tempted by her promise that using something like this would help me tremendously, I still have to say that the thought of doing this every morning

freaks me the heck out.

*Remind me sometime to regale you all with stories of the horror that is the PAC Binder, okay, my blog monkeys?


Diane said... this one looks kinda pricey and I think the leaf design on the side is funny. BUT, it does the same thing as this which can be purchased at Walgreens. Of course when I lived in Denver and was plagued by sinus infections and what not all the time, I found that warm salt water and a small turkey baster did the trick just fine. It's gross and funky and feels weird....but it really does work.