Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Small World Syndrome

Last night, Cap'n Shack-Fu came over to my place with some of his old friends from Duncan who have been in California and are now moving to Denton soon. After a while, PigPen got home from his new shift at work, which actually gets him back to the house slightly before 10 instead of slightly after midnight like the previous shift. Shack introduced PigPen to his friends, and mentioned that R. had been his old youth minister back in Duncan. PigPen, also being from Duncan, mentions that he knows the church but that he went to a different one, which prompts Shack's friends to say that they had actually started going to PigPen's old church not long before they moved out of Oklahoma. They asked PigPen if he knew a couple they were good friends with, and PigPen said "Yeah -- those are my parents." Turns out, PigPen's step-dad was the reason Shack's friends started going to PigPen's old church. When they mentioned they were actually heading up to Duncan the next day, PigPen gave them his step-dad's cell phone number so they could surprise him.

I, of course, had "It's a Small World After All" stuck in my head for most of the remainder of the evening.


Diane aka Cap'n Disaster said...

But at least you KNOW "It's a small world after all" unlike a partner I once had in a game of Cranium!