Tuesday, April 08, 2008

TV Tues - You Think I'm Bluffing?

I have a new favorite website, and its name is Hulu. Why is Hulu my new favorite website? Because it offers access to a ton of TV shows, both new and old, for no cost whatsoever. So, if there's nothing else on TV and all of my Netflix are in the mail coming or going, I can just hop on over to Hulu and watch some old A-Team or Benson or Doogie Howser or or Welcome Back Kotter or WKRP in Cincinnati or Bones or American Gothic or Friday Night Lights or . . . well, you get the idea. In terms of content, the best news is that Hulu is finally making it possible to see Saturday Night Live skits online, like the classic Wayne's World skit with an appearance by Aerosmith

or the more recent "No Country for Old Milkshakes" skit

But even better than that is Hulu's customizable embedding feature, so that if there's one segement of an episode you'd like to share with someone, you don't have to link to the full ep and say "Okay, now skip to about the 10:47 mark for the good stuff." Instead, you just use a little slidebar graphic to get the start and end time to where you want it, and presto! You have your own, personalized, YouTube-esque episode clip to post wherever you'd like so that others can see your favorite moments from your favorite shows

Or, you can post a clip that one of your best friends has been quoting since sometime last year, and which up until now you have been unable to catch playing on regular TV, but now you can post the scene in question so all of The Singles finally know what the heck Li'l Random was talking about

Of course, I wish I'd discovered this site back before the Writers Strike ended and new shows started to come back, but at least now I know if I want to try to convert people into fans of Arrested Development

or Firefly

I don't necessarily have to loan out the DVDs anymore, just point them to Hulu.