Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What Are the Odds?

Last Thursday I made me last trip to Biz-Z's place to get the last bit of junk and do a final bout of cleaning before turning in my housekey. While heading out to my car with a load of stuff, I opened up the door into the garage only to be greeted by the one sight that always moves me . . . to terror.

Yes, that's right, planted right in the middle of Biz-Z's garage was a strange dog, barking its fool head off at me, while its adolescent owner was sitting on her Big Wheel on the sidewalk half-heartedly calling "C'mon, Yappie, c'mon."

Luckily, Yappie wasn't really all that aggressive, and was quickly distracted by something else outside and ran afer it, with his lackadaisacal owner still planted firmly on her stationary Big Wheel.

Now, while it was nowhere near as terrifying as my surprise dog experience my first day in the house, my encounter with Yippee did serve as an interesting little "freaked out by strange dog" bookend to my time in the Biz-Z household.