Friday, September 22, 2006

What a Long, Strange Year It's Been

I don't think it's any secret that my life recently has been a tad hectic, so it should come as no surprise that between moving, drastic changes at work, and lack of Internet access at home (not to mention the new Fall Season) that my overloaded brain let an incredibly important date slip through the cracks.

I can hardly believe it was only a year and 12 days ago that I made my very first blog post here on CoIM, a brief post whose title was an obscure reference to a line from Babylon 5, which was to be just the first of countless off-the-wall references to sail over the heads of scores of blog monkeys in the months to come.

It feels bizarre that I've only been doing CoIM for a little over a year, if for no other reason than there's been so many changes in my life since then. I mean, at this time last year I was still living alone, trying to finish up school, wondering what I was going to do after I finally got my Masters. Heck, back then I didn't even know (or, at the least, barely knew) Cap'n Cluck, Magic Pants, The Anti-Cap'n, Monkey Dance, PigPen, Peanut, Squiggly, The Cardinal, plus a few other nickless Singles, and yet now they're all integral members of my Cast. Which reminds me, I really need to update the Cast Lists . . .

It's also strange just how many changes CoIM itself has gone through in the course of a year, as I tried to find my voice as a blogger. If you were to compare my pre-Cabin postings with my post-Cabin postings, I think you can see a massive change in style (not to mention frequency). Have these changes been for the better or for the worse? I can't really say, although I will admit to missing my early, giddy, highly random blog-writing frenzies a bit. I'm hoping that now that I'm settling into the new place, my blogging will return to respectable levels, although I'm pretty sure the multiple-three-page-postings-in-a-day mania of my Secret Origin days are well behind me.

Anyway, let me take a moment to thank those of you who've been faithful blog monkeys, doggedly slogging through my ramblings week after week. Even if you never add to the CoIM comments section, I see the visits tracked in the stats, and your continued reading is much appreciated.

Of course, comments would be appreciated even more . . .


CAP'N Disaster said...

Wow, it really has been a BIG year of changes for all of us. Many of the singles have become non-single Singles(I'm sure you will come up with some clever name for us), the Cap'ns found many new members, plus all the additions to the Singles cast list as you already mentioned.

Cap'n Cluck said...

First, I'm very disappointed I didn't get a birthday post on Thursday.

Second, There better be a post about our foot fellowship to celebrate said birthday. And the events that led to me and the Cardinal almost getting kicked out.

Third, The Cardinal informs me that engineers like neat, orderly lists.

Fourth, HQ, or Fluffy as the Cardinal calls her, was not on your list of...oh wait, you already knew her, you just didn't have a nickname for her yet. Yes, you need to update that cast list.

Fifth, Mathmaticians like neat, orderly lists, too.

Cap'n Neurotic said...

If it makes you feel any better, Cluckity, my best friend didn't get a special post on his birthday either.

sally axhandle said...

His favorite aunt did not even get a kiss my foot for her birthday and I have more seniority than all of you Cap'ns.