Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My How Time Flies When You're a HyperForcer

When my best bud Cap'n Shack-Fu commented that Monday was the one-year anniversary of his first visit to our class, I was surprised. Part of that was a strange mixture of "how time flies" and "wow, has it only been a year?" but part of it was a result of the fact that whenever I try to tell someone how long I've bee a member of the Singles, I always have to couch it in generalities because, to be honest, I have only the vaguest idea of when my first visit was. I know it was in 2002, because I moved to Denton in 2001, and I'm pretty sure it was towards the end of April, because the in-house visit I got from Freezeout's FAITH team was the last such visit of that FAITH semester, which would usually end then. And then I did my usual "hang around on the outskirts" thing for awhile and didn't become a really regular attender until the end of August or beginning of September which is when the next semseter of FAITH began.

So, with such a hazy memory of my own, I'm always surprised when others have much more concrete recollections. I suppose it's possible that the Shack-man just has a better head for dates than I do, which wouldn't be hard; or, maybe joining our class was such a positive experience that he marked it down in his little Shack-journal for posterity's sake; or, quite possibly, the date of Sept. 17 2006 is seared into his brain forever as the day he was subjected to the rambling world of Cap'n Neurotic and thus made forfeit his very sanity.

I'm leaning towards that last one, myself.