Tuesday, September 25, 2007

This is a Subliminal Blog Post

Feeling kind of stream-of-consciousness today; I blame warring allergy medications.

Went to the doctor last Wednesday for the latest check-up, and I'm happy to say that I'm am currently without a splint of any kind on my finger. It is taking some getting used to, though; I've become so used to avoiding using that finger while typing that I have to consciously will myself to use it. I'm still not able to bend the middle joint all the way, or the top joint hardly at all, but I'm working on it. Of course, now that I no longer have the splint on, if the lack of bendiness in the fingers result in my accidentally flipping somebody off, they're probably not going to be quite as understanding -- at least until I explain and show them my scars.

A couple of weeks ago Cap'n Shack-Fu's deployment was modified so that he and his supervisor would be rotating between here and OK every two weeks, which was welcome news to The Singles in general, and HyperForce 3000 in particular. And, as I had hoped, once back in town Taskmaster-Fu did indeed make sure that I actually got off my lazy butt and headed to the gym, for which I was thankful. Unfortunately, the Shackster's two week stay in Denton turned into a week and a day as his supervisor became ill and he was sent back to relieve her until she recovers. With luck, the rotation will resume once she's feeling better. In his absence, apparently Cap'n Peanut has appointed himself as interim taskmaster; just minutes ago I received the following text message from him: "This is a subliminal message: you will work out today." He's a sneaky one, that Peanut.

I tell you, as soon as I stop hemorrhaging money due to paying off surgical costs, my first order of business will be going to see an allergist; I've been completely miserable the last couple of weeks, and it's getting really, really old really, really fast. After a weekend filled with constant sneezing and sinus headaches I actually made myself stay home last night instead of going to cheer on PigPen and the FBCD Men's Softball team.

In honor of the Fall season, next Tuesday will see the return of TV Tuesday. In theory, at least. With luck, I won't be experiencing any more strange VCR malfunctions like the one last night that messed up the recording of Chuck and the first 10 minutes of Heroes . Thanks goodness for NBC hosting the episodes online for free.

As long as we're on the subject of new TV shows, I will say that I really enjoyed the new Kelsey Grammer sitcom Back to You (FOX, Wednesday, 7:00), and that the new sitcom The Big Bang Theory (CBS, Monday, 7:30) shows potential. Other new shows I'm planning on trying out this week:

  • Chuck (NBC, Mondays, 7:00, pilot available online)
  • Journeyman (NBC, Mondays, 9:00, pilot available online)
  • Reaper (CW, Tuesday Sept. 25, 8:00)
  • Private Practice (ABC, Wednesday, Sept. 26, 8:00)
  • Bionic Woman (NBC, Wednesday, Sept. 26, 8:00)
  • Moonlight (CBS, Friday, Sept. 28, 8:00)
Of course, the new show I'm most excited about which has garned all sorts of critical awards and looks to be smart, funny, and slightly off-beat and so won't last more than three, four weeks tops, is Pushing Daisies, which will premiere on Wednesday, October 3.

I unfortunately missed out on a b-day party for Cap'n Cluck last Friday which included a game of Balderdash which added a few new words to the group vernacular; apparently, "quop" is the new "mohoohoo," or at least so it seemed to me the next time I was around the group, where it was "quop this" or "quop that" or "do you quop?" Luckily, Maverick had filled me in on the details earlier so I didn't feel too far out of the loop. Still, hate missing out on the genesis of such a wide-spread inside joke.

Apparently, Trouble has decided that my adventures in finger fracturing sounded like tons of fun, and has fractured her thumb, as well as spraining her wrist.

And it looks like the consciousness stream has run dry for the nonce.


anna said...

I have been excited to see Journeyman since glimpsing Kevin McKidd (from HBO's Rome)in a preview.

I still can't believe you haven't investing in a Tivo box or two. :)

Sue said...

I like your blog, it’s always fun to come back and check what you have to tell us today.

Cap'n Neurotic said...

ROCKET: Still haven't seen any of Rome, so I didn't have the same connection to the Journeyman ads, I guess, but as a long-time TV-stalker of all Whedon-connected actors (Adam Baldwin's on Chuck!), I can understand the feeling.

As for Tivo, I have a feeling that once we're forced into going totally digital there will be a DVR or two added to the monthly cable bill . . . once I've gotten all of my medical bills paid off, that is.

SUE: thanks for the kind words