Thursday, October 18, 2007

Couldn't Have Worked Out Better If I Had Planned It

It seems about the only way I can catch the wily PigPen off-guard is by a combination of fortuitous circumstances; last night was a prime example.

I was talking to PigPen while he was checking his MySpace for the first time in weeks. And, since he hadn't checked his MySpace in weeks, he had a ton of notifications about new blog posts to go through, both from myself and others. As he was scanning the titles he came across my recent post Guess Which Two of the Seven Dwarves I Am*. He clicked on the link, and while the computer was slowly loading the page, he glanced at me mischievously. "Let's see, there's Dopey . . ." here he trailed of, as I had immediately leaned over and began tapping the screen next to the fine print before he had even gotten a single work out. Puzzled, he squinted at the screen and read my preemptive "And no, PigPen, Dopey is not an option" comment. His reactions followed quickly upon one another; shock, laughter, high-fiving of me, knocking of own chair over, faux-stomping off to his room while bemoaning loudly "Have I really become that predictable?" Well, when it comes to taking cheap shots at me, yes, yes he has.