Wednesday, October 03, 2007

To Sleep, Perchance NOT to Dream

A while back I talked about my dreaming habits, and mentioned that I will go through long periods where I don't remember my dreams with brief periods of vivid dreaming; I am currently in one of those vivid dreaming phases, and I am completely and totally ready for it to stop immediately.


You see, these aren't just my normal*, run of the mill dreams. No, for the past couple of weeks my sleep has been filled with dreams with are intense, intricate, involved, and, most importantly, irritating. Very, very irritating. "Wake up so ticked off that I want to punch somebody in the face" irritating. While the specific details may vary, the gist of the dreams are essentially the same: people around me being combative, obstinate, obtuse, and overall annoying to the point of inducing within me homicidal rage. Yes, if a dream is a wish your heart makes as Cinderella would have us believe, then apparently my heart has a bit of a death wish.

The worst part about it is that thanks to these dreams I don't wake up well-rested and refreshed, but rather tense, angry, and worn down. I've never had such an extended run of untenable dreams, and I'm hoping that once they stop I won't soon have another batch. But most of all I'm hoping that this current dream cycle comes to a sudden end before what's left of my sanity does.

**Yes, that running gag is still going on, although the surplus usage of the word in Dexter, Heroes, and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer has almost burned the Boys of Benjiman Street out on it . . . almost.