Friday, October 05, 2007

Fractured Finger Friday - Innocent Bystander

Went in for my latest post-op checkup this morning. Apparently, my wonderfully cooperative body decided to react to the surgery by having more scar tissue build up than usual, which has caused the middle joint of my middle finger (otherwise known as the joint which should not have been effected at all by the surgery) to be much less bendy than it should be. At present, I can't even bend it 90 degrees without grabbing hold and yanking hard with the other hand, and even then it doesn't quite want to make it. After experimenting with similar finger cranking tactics, the doctor declared that what we had here was a case of an innocent bystander being negatively effected. So now I get to go to physical therapy and let them push, pull, yank, tug, mash, bind, and do Dox knows what to my stubborn little finger to get it to behave normally.

Who knows; before the year is up I might be able to make a fist again.