Tuesday, May 13, 2008

TV Tues - Knew I Was Forgetting Something

Was in such a hurry to get stuff written so I could actually have a post up that I left out a few shows.


Grey's Anatomy
(ABC 8:00): Christina bursting into "Like a Virgin" was great, as was her rant to the chief at the end, but all else pales before the awesomeness that was Bailey's speech to the nurses about Sloane and his man-slut nature. Freaking hilarious.

(ABC 9:00): While I found the implications of Locke's flashback intriguing, the episode as a whole left me flat; it was more marking time than anything else. Do have to say that Claire was creeping me the heck out in her brief appearance; that was more like something that would have cropped up on Twin Peaks than on Lost. Only three more hours before the season's over (one hour this week, one week off for Grey's finale, two hour finale the week after) and I'm hoping they cram some killer reveals into that time. Supposedly, for once the game-changing moment will happen early on in the finale and not in the final minutes, but we'll see.

(CBS 8:00): I only watched last week's ep because it was the result of CSI switching writing staff with Two and a Half Men -- yeah, still not sure who the heck came up with that idea. In the grand scheme of things, I didn't feel that either of the gimmick episodes was all that strong; oh, sure, 2 1/2 Men had the great "black light in Charlie's room" sequence, but who didn't see that coming? As far as the CSI ep goes, the characters were just way too over the top to fit in with the show's usual dynamic; I'm thinking specifically of Deidrach Bader as the Tom Arnold analogue. But, while neither installment was quite up to the standards of the regular episodes, I did enjoy the snappy patter employed by all of the writers on the CSI ep, and couldn't help wondering throughout the show how Tom Arnold, Cybil Shepard, and Roseanne felt about the very thinly veiled caricatures of themselves being bumped off; at least Christine Baranski's analogue got to be cool, talented, and wicked smart.