Tuesday, May 20, 2008

TV Tues - Schrodinger's Cat


Big Bang Theory
(CBS 7:00) : The best new sitcom of the year ends on a pretty strong note; curious to see if the Leonard/Penny pairing will be the focus for all of next season, or if their relationship will quickly crash and burn. I'm not invested enough in them as a couple for it to bother me either way, as long as Sheldon keeps making tactless, socially inept, and hilarious commentary about their situations. Although, I was proud of them for setting up the whole Schrodinger's Cat thing as an easy out for Leonard, and then having him chuck that thought out the window to go for it with Penny.

How I Met Your Mother (CBS 7:30): So, they ended the episode with a very strong feeling of Stella being the Mother, and yet no narration saying "And that's when I proposed to you mom" makes wonder if we're following yet another red herring. And I can't help but wonder how much of Stella's viability is tied into the fact that Sarah Chalke is committed to one more season of Scrubs.

Two and a Half Men (CBS 8:00): For most of the episode I had the feeling that the opening bit featuring Charlie's shrink was going to be far and away the best part of the show, but then we had Allen channeling the very essence of creepiness ("Defile her!") and that made the episode. Which is good, because overall, not that strong an ep.

Rules of Engagement (CBS 8:30): Don't usually watch this one, but got sucked in while waiting for PigPen last night. As with every other time I've seen bits of the show, almost all the good bits go to Patrick Warburton, which is as it should be, as he is a deadpan comedy genius.

American Gladiators (NBC 7:00): Was kind of fun watching the two new, smaller Gladiators zip up the wall after the contenders.


Deadliest Catch
(Discovery 8:00): The port-o-potty prank was nice, as was watching Edgar undermine Sig as Sig made questionable decisions.


Ultimate Fighter
(Spike 9:00): Continuing to be one of the best seasons of the show due to the humor of the coaches; looking forward to tomorrow night's ep which will feature Forest and Rampage's prank war.


My Name is Earl (NBC 7:00): Nice to see Earl finally patch things up with the one-legged lady. Pretty solid season finale.

The Office
(NBC 8:00): Toby's obsession with Pam had started to become a bit too cartoony for me, so as much as I love the Michael/Toby battles, I'm almost relieved to see him go just so I don't have to watch him be awkward anymore. I like that Phyllis now has something to hold over Angela's head; curious to see how that plays out. But everything else in the episode pales to the running gag of new-comer Holly thinking Kevin was mentally challenged; every scene between them had me rolling.

Grey's Anatomy
(ABC 8:00): Love the interplay between Meredith and her shrink; good stuff.

(ABC 9:00): Favorite part of the episode was Hurley's reaction to seeing The Numbers on his car's odometer; been a while since we've seen The Numbers pop up in such an obvious way. This ep felt less like marking time than the previous week's episode, but it still smacked of tons of set-up; let's hope the payoff in next week's finale is worth it.


Battlestar Galactica
(SciFi 9:00): First of all, may I say this: Bad promo department! Bad! Making all the ads for this week's episode consist of scenes from the last 10 minutes of the show? Bad! And throughout that sequence, I just kept saying over and over again "Don't do it, Athena, don't do it!" But, she did. Yeah, like that's not going to hurt human/Cylon relations.


Starrlett said...

Big Bang: Yes, yes, yes! So Alex and I aren't the only people watching this show!! Sometimes I shake my head at its predictability, but my inevitable conclusions are: 1) it's a sitcom so duh it's following formula, 2) Sheldon more than makes up for any boring moments, 3) it's about GEEKY NERDS, 4) did I mention Sheldon is HILARIOUS?! I mean, heck, I'd get a kick out of watching the number of comic book t-shirts they wear on the show, but Sheldon's dialog and delivery are amazing. (We also enjoyed the Schrodinger's Cat bit.)

HIMYM: Our favorite sitcom currently--and perhaps for all time (sorry, "Friends"). I think from indications earlier in this season that it can't be Stella, and frankly I don't want it to be. I like her as a character, but I'd be disappointed in her as the Mother. And also: we're a bit sappily ecstatic about the progression of the Barney/Robin storyline. :)

American Gladiators: Yeah, I REALLY loved the names and costumes they gave the newbies, and I love "Jet" even if she seemed a little slow compared to her teammates. But dude, Ethan (?) had been so amazing, it's no surprise to see him awesome as "Rocket." (See my blog comment for more on Wolf.)

Lost: Yes, the odometer numbers were ingenious, in part because we haven't been expecting them for awhile. I expect big things of the finale, because this season unexpectedly shaped up so darned well, after the draginess of the previous season. Then again, you throw time travel into any show/movie/comic/book, and I'm pretty stoked.

BSG: Okay, so I tried to avert my eyes from your comments on this, as we have been saving episodes (watched the one after Kali dies last night, have about four more to catch up). Once again, I'm fascinated by my love/hate relationship with nearly every character on the show--I love how darn complex they all are. I had been missing Six, so good to see more of her, but it pains me a bit to see Starbuck undermined by her crew. Even if she does seem loony. My only qualm is that, having recently had a good friend die of cancer, the president looks awfully healthy for her supposed condition. But meh, it is TV after all, even if the writing is better than we've had any right to expect.

I think the only thing we religiously watch that you don't mention is:

Smallville: Yeah, angsty as all get-out, but I have such fond memories of the first 3 or 4 seasons that I keep watching. I pretty much only like Chloe now, being that Lois is barely in the series--Jimmy is hit-or-miss, and Clark... well I haven't liked him much for a couple of seasons. Too angsty--and I like my superheroes less obsessed with romance, and more about kicking butt. Meh. Plus, Lex used to be really interesting... like three seasons ago.

Like I said, it's just out of habit or duty now. Or maybe just nostalgia for "Adventures of Lois and Clark," at that.