Thursday, January 07, 2010

Arctic Blast!

Last night TopGun and I had a lot of fun mocking one of the local news channels because of their panic-mongering "Arctic Blast!" coverage; TopGun, having lived in Colorado for over a decade, was highly amused by the people going crazy over a drop in temperature with next to no precipitation forecast. However, it appears we mocked a little too soon, as his early morning drive to work found him encountering a lot of black ice, and my not-quite-as-early morning drive was non-existent as I got an Eagle Alert text message around 7:15 this morning letting me know that UNT was closed for the day. Which was followed about 10 minutes later by an Eagle Alert phone call with the same message. Which was followed by anohter Eagle Alert text about 20 minutes later. Which was then followed by a third and final Eagle Alert text another 15 minutes later. Someone needs to let UNT know that not all of us have unlimited texting. Still, better to get multiple notifications than none at all, I suppose. I feel bad for any of my co-workers who went in before the notification went out; they missed out on getting to sleep in some more.

So how did I spend my impromptu day off work? Well, after I finally got up, I spent the next several hours playing one of the games I rented for my new Wii which I got for Christmas. Yes, that's right; after 34 years my parents finally gave me a video game system. According to my mother, they had to wait to make sure I was mature enough first.