Tuesday, January 12, 2010

TV Tues - My Winter Schedule

In my last TV Tuesday blog I looked at the then upcoming Fall season and predicted which shows I would and wouldn't be watching; figured today would be a good time to update y'all on how my viewing schedule has panned out


7:00 How I Met Your Mother (CBS), Chuck(NBC)
8:00 Two and a Half Men (CBS), Heroes (NBC)
8:30 Big Bang Theory (CBS)
9:00 Castle (ABC)

As predicted, Castle, HIMYM, 2 1/2 Men, and BBT are still squarely on my schedule (although 2 1/2 Men is increasingly hit or miss with me) while Accidentally on Purpose barely lasted two weeks before getting deleted from the DVR. Not a horrible show, per se, but not nearly engaging enough to keep me hooked.

As for Heroes . . . ugh. Think I'll save all of my ranting and raving about the train wreck that is Heroes for its own post. And yet, I'm still watching it . . . I have a sickness.

The one addition to the viewing schedule for Monday is Chuck. I haven't had a chance to watch the three hours worth of episodes that aired over the last couple of days, but they're high on my list.


7:00 - 9:00: Better Off Ted and Scrubs (ABC)
9:00: Blue Mountain State (Spike)

I would be more specific with the airing information, but ABC has been burning off episodes of both shows like crazy, and I never know from week to week which one will be on when. Once again, thank heavens for my FIOS DVR.

My parents got me the first season of Ted on DVD for Christmas, and mom and I spent the two days dad had to work over break plowing through the DVDs. So far the second season has been just as entertaining as the first, which makes it all the more painful to know that its ratings aren't that good and it probably won't get picked up for a back 9 episode order.

I'm not quite as enamored of the new iteration of Scrubs, although it is growing on me, and seems to be a lot better now that J.D. is gone and the new characters are really getting a chance to grow. Doubtful that it will get a back 9 order either, though.

Of course, in about a month it won't matter anymore, as their time slot will be taken over by the final season of Lost. February 2 cant' get here fast enough for me.

Tonight's the premiere of a new comedy on Spike, Blue Mountain State which looks like it might be funny; we'll see if it manages to work its way into my viewing rotation.


7:30 The Middle (ABC)
8:00 Human Target (Fox), Modern Family (ABC)
8:30 Cougar Town (ABC)
9:30 Tosh.0 (Comedy Central)

The (mercifully) short-lived Hank was pretty much as bland and unfunny as I had expected it to be, so no surprise there. What is surprising is just how much I enjoy every other sitcom ABC has airing on this night; even more surprising is that all three shows have become big hits, and as of today have officially been picked up for a second season.

Starting next week, Glee's time slot will be taken over by The Human Target, an adaptation of a DC comic book about a man who pretty much gets hired to stop assassination attempts. In addition to the comic book angle hooking me, the show also features three actors I really like: Mark Valley, Chi McBride, and Jackie Earle Haley. Hoping the quality of the writing is up to the quality of the cast.


7:00 The Deep End (ABC, iffy), Survivor (CBS), Community (NBC)
8:00 Grey's Anatomy (ABC), Fringe (Fox, definite),
8:30 30 Rock (NBC/Hulu)
9:30 Archer (FX)

Remember how in my previous post I said "The Office is a no-brainer"? Well, I couldn't have been more wrong. After a string of episodes that left me either cold or uncomfortable instead of amused, I have relegated the show to my "will watch on DVD someday" list.

For the record, I did watch almost all of FlashForward, although I still need to catch the mid-season finale if it's still online. Think it's an okay show, but I'm watching it more for answers to the main mystery than for any of the characters. Although, the fact that there's been a bit of a regime change in the show-runners gives me hope that when it comes back from hiatus in March it will be improved. In the meantime, its slot will be filled by a new lawyer series, The Deep End, which benefits enough from a likable cast that I might give it a try . . . although probably only if it's available online, since I can't miss Survivor or Community.

The other addition to this night's schedule is the animated spy spoof Archer on FX. TopGun and I caught a sneak preview of it several months ago after an ep of It's Always Sunny and enjoyed it quite a bit.


8:00 Dollhouse (Fox), Caprica (SyFy)

Even though it's almost over, there's still one more episode of Dollhouse to air this week, so it's getting a mention, dagnabit!

I know it was a bit of a love-it-or-hate-it show, but I fell mostly on the "love it" side for Stargate: Universe so I'm looking forward to its return in the Spring. Until then, I have the BSG prequel Caprica to fulfill my "spin-off of popular Sci Fi show I loved" jones.


Now that college football is over, have a feeling Saturday will become my day to get caught up on DVRed shows and DVDs.


7:30 The Cleveland Show (Fox, iffy)
8:00 Family Guy (Fox)
8:30 American Dad (Fox)

Yes, I'm still a sucker for Seth MacFarlane's shows; even American Dad has grown on me.

That about wraps it up; I'm sure there will be some changes when more new shows start premiering/returning following the Winter Olympics.


Zinger said...

I hate NBC for moving Heroes to 8:00. Now I have to watch all the commercials (and kill time during AoP) on CBS from 7-9, then watch Heroes. It was better to watch Heroes at 7, then run through the CBS shows via DVR.