Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Silver Lining

Although the sudden trip to OK to pick up a new car has thrown a monkeywrench into birthday plans with the Singles*, something positive has come out of it: Redneck Diva has volunteered to contact some of our former high school classmates and host a cookout at her place. The fun part came when she asked "Who all should I invite?" and my mind kind of went blank. I mean, Cedric the Destroyer and The Photographer, being the only other Wyandottians I'm in regular contact with, were givens, but beyond that, I've had little to no contact with most of my former schoolmates. Oh, sure, I've added a few to my MySpace friends list over the past few months, but the paranoid part of me kept insisting that there's a far cry from accepting a MySpace friend invitation and actually wanting to see me face to face. But, I did my best Squiggly impression and told the paranoia "Shut your face!"** I then made a brief list of the folks I used to hang out with most in high school and passed it on to Diva so she can invite those she can get ahold of.

My philosophy is going to be this: if people are willing and able to show up, great! If, on the other hand, they get an invitation and think to themselves "Why in the world would he think I would want to hang out with him, I didn't even really like him all that much back then" (as the paranoid part of my mind insists they will), well, who needs 'em? I mean, if nothing else, I'll get to see Diva and Cedric for the first time in, oh, probably close to 15 years,*** which will make it all worth it.

*And not just my plans, as Cap'n Shack-Fu let slip that a surprise of some sort had been in the works for tomorrow evening when I informed him that I was flying out tomorrow morning
**Sorry, Squiggly; too good to resist.
***Dang, does that make me feel old


Redneck. Diva. said...

Hey, I'm totally looking forward to it even if it just turns out to be you, me, Tater, Cedric, The Photographer and Jon. Oh yeah, and my husband who will just sit around and roll his eyes are our sheer dorkiness.