Friday, July 20, 2007

Fragmented Friday - "I feel like a dolphin who's never tasted melted snow"

Went to the doctor yesterday afternoon; not for my cold or allergies, but for the finger I jammed a few weeks back which doesn't want to heal. Had to go get an X-ray, but haven't found out the results yet. The doc said it could be a break, or a fracture, or a dislocation, or possibly just a bad case of a swollen joint. Taking some prettyy strong anti-inflammatory stuff, and am feeling a bit light-headed because of it. Joy!

Just got a blog hit for the following google search: "Complete the following song: Albania! Albania! You border on the Adriatic. Your land is mostly mountainous, And your chief export is ---." Now, that's one specific Google, ain't it?

Quick pellet reviews:

  • Shooter: good action flick
  • Transformers: pretty good brainless action flick, about three or four goofy/slapstick/over-the-top scenes they could have cut out and I'd have been happier
  • The Last Mimzy: enjoyable enough family-friendly SF film
  • Gravedancers: so-so horror film that only survives due to its cast
  • Roman: not-so-scary horror flick that was worth it just for Kristen Bell's informational speech on how pork and beans are made. No, seriously.
  • Black Snake Moan: strange but well done movie which is really all about a couple of damaged people helping each other heal from their past hurts
  • Hudson Hawk: not nearly as bad as everyone thinks, although it's definitely not what I'd call high art; most of my enjoyment came from the scenes with the Candy Bar Crew, especially the (thankfully) silent David Caruso as KitKat. Film is also noteable as one of the few films I actually liked Andie McDowell in, and that's mainly for her willingness to do her dolphin call.
I forgot to mention that Diva has posted the challenge for the next round of Write in the Thick of It which is all about alliteration. If you feel like playing along, the deadline is Monday, July 23, at 10pm Central.

There's a possibility that, in the next couple of weeks, both of my roomies may move to working night shifts. On the upside, this will mean that most evenings I'll have sole control over the downstairs TV and DVD player, a definite boon since my own DVD player bit the dust a while back. On the downside, if it happens I'll be bereft of any roomie-inspired entertainment most of the time.