Monday, July 09, 2007

Shack-Fu is On the Road Again

Last week my good pal Cap'n Shack-Fu was lucky enough to visit the vast metropolis of Miami, OK; of course, due to there being some, um, "issues" with the roads

ol' Shack-man had to find some alternate transportation.

And for those who were wondering, my parents' neighborhood was outside of the flooding area, as was my grandmother's. My great-aunt and uncle's neighborhood on the other hand . . . not so much.

Luckily their house is set up high enough that they escaped any major damage and are already back home.

Shack-Fu's trip to OK last week was just a quick damage assessment duty, but as of yesterday he has been officially stationed there for at least the next couple of months. While the Singles in general -- and HyperForce 3000 in particular -- are saddened that he's once again been shipped away, at least this time he hasn't gone too far; the Joint Field Office for coordinating disaster relief is in Midwest City, which is only about a 2 1/2 hour drive from Denton. So, while the Shacktastic One may not be able to get away from his many duties and responsibilities long enough to head back down here, it shouldn't be too hard to organize a Singles road trip to visit everyone's favorite Rescue Hero.

Plus, it'll be a good excuse to go eat at Ted's Cafe Escondido.

I've made a commitment to Count Shackula to try to update the blog more consistently so that he can keep informed as to what's going on with the Singles, as well as sending him a Daily Dose of Todd email, or DDT.* I figure the DDTs will help keep him from feeling too homesick either by (a) subjecting him to just enough of my insanity to keep the HyperForce 3000 connection going or (b) subjecting him to just enough of my insanity to make him thankful that he's not back here being subjected to the whole thing. We'll just see how long my compulsion to live up to my commitment can overpower my basic procrastinating lazy bum nature.

*My first DDT informed him that fittingly enough the acronym also stands for a pro wrestling move and a toxic chemical, since all three are probably equally painful and nausea inducing


Anonymous said...

I'm totally on board with a road trip!!!!!=)