Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Personally, I'm Curious About What Else Is on His "Life List" . . .

  • Finally heard back from the doctor about my finger X-ray last night: it is indeed fractured, and the fracture involves the joint, somehow. I now get to go see an orthopedist sometime soon and see what they can do for me. Kicking myself for waiting so long to go to the doctor, since it's going to mean just that much longer before I'm fully healed and able to do stuff again.

  • I got to visit with Cap'n Shack-Fu on the phone for a few minutes last night; unfortunately, poor Shack was so exhausted from his non-stop schedule that he was barely coherent. Not that I'm doing much better in the coherency department these days; my brain is mush, my blog monkeys. At least Shack-Fu has a good excuse.

  • Favorite comment so far on the TMI interview comes courtesy of fellow Wyandottian, Earnie:
    Wow, I know someone almost famous with gastrointestinal issues. I can mark that one off of my life list :D
    Current runner up is Papa Lightbulb:
    Greatness, I am so proud of you that I am sweating.
  • It looks pretty likely that in a couple of weeks PigPen will be starting a M-F 3PM-11PM shift, which means I will pretty much only see him on the weekends; kind soul that he is, he's offered to tape record himself making disparaging comments about me so that I don't go into insult withdrawal. What a pal, eh?

  • Spent most of Saturday reading the final Harry Potter book. I enjoyed it, and was surprised that the character death which touched me the most was of one of my least favorite characters.

  • Today's installment of the webcomic Real Life is funny because it's so true -- and it's made me want to try that show Greek. . . which, of course will be the kiss of death for it.


coronela said...

the harry potter book ruled! just finished it last night.