Friday, September 05, 2008

Fragmented Friday - Argentinian Warlord!

I hadn't been at work for very long this morning before one of the ladies in my unit came over to tell me they'd found a snake in the mail room -- guess PigPen won't be dropping by my office to visit ever again . . .

Despite already having head a generous helping of chocolate, sugar and caffeine this morning, I am still not quite awake. I blame the strange dreams I've been having all week long; very vivid, and often very stressful, filled with people yelling and fighting and dying and such. So, even though I've been getting plenty of sleep, it hasn't been all that restful.

I am currently addicted to the Word Twist game application on Facebook where you're given random letters and try to make as many words as possible before time runs out. Bonus points come for any word that uses all the letter. Think my favorite bonus word so far is a toss-up between "jujubes" and "bumbag," the latter of which is the British name for a fanny-pack; if you know your British slang, you'll know why they avoid saying "fanny" in polite conversation. Anyway, as often happens when I play a compute game obsessively, it's now gotten to the point that when I close my eyes at night I see the letters swirling around in my mind. I would try to draw a connection between that and my disturbing dreams, but so far neither jujubes nor bumbags have made an appearance . . . so far . . .

Miss ArkanSass has made plans to head to Denton for a visit in a few weeks, and has requested to take part in The Odd Squodd Mostly-Regular Dark and Twisty, Strange and Unusual, Off-Beat, Quirky, Movie Fest. She has also requested that I be the one to pick out the film, since she's "seen what sort of movies Li'l Random picks*." She seems to be overlooking the fact that Li'l Random and I do share a brain, with our two halves actually being joined at the movie-choosing portion of the cerebellum.

Li'l Random has renamed Firestorm, the Nuclear Man as "Dr. Fantastic." Why? No reason that could be understood by anyone not named "Li'l Random." On a related note, everyone's favorite random nickname magnet has acquired yet another nick: The Argentinian Warlord. Now, there is a reason for this one, but not one I can relate in a family-friendly blog; despite this, Li'l Brother insisted that I title at least one blog post with the new name, and, fearful that he might live up to the horrible implications of the name, I have acquiesced.

I'm about ready to remove MSN Messenger from my Trillian settings thanks to the endless stream of spam messages I've been receiving for the last couple of weeks: "Hi, my name is [insert random female name here]. I really want to chat with you, but I can't get MSN to stay logged in. Come visit my blog at [insert doubtless pornographic and virus laden link here]"

One of the more interesting of my recent vivid dreams had me attending Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, except, instead of the Westchester campus as seen in any X-men comic, cartoon, or movie, the campus was actually good ol' Wyandotte High School, and when the plot of the dream required me to head to the living quarters of the school it was the bedroom of my childhood home, where I found my favorite pet cat, Itty Bitty, sleeping soundly on my bed. In the dream I was hiding from the bad guys and had to decide if I was going to take Bitty with me or not, but then decided that he would be safe because the villains had a strange affinity for cats, an idea that came from the book I'm currently reading, Curfew. I wonder if Bitty appeared because of that book, or if the book logic only appeared because Bitty did. The subconscious is a funny thing, no?

My CD/MP3 player at work has been acting progressively more wonky over the last month or two, which, coupled with the fact that my home computer's CD burner is no longer wanting to burn CDs, has made me more and more determined to break down and get an iPod when my raise goes into effect on my October paycheck. However, the fact that the CD player refused to play my Lostprophets CD this morning, thus denying me of my "Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja" fix, has made my iPod jones that much stronger.

During the aforementioned X-men dream, as the other students and I prepared for an attack on the campus, who should come running up the front steps of the school but Li'l Random, yelling that we should take cover. I looked past him to see a ginormous fireball flying through the air, and so quickly scrambled into my mom's old classroom for cover. Li'l Random, however, kept running down the hallway past me as the fireball hit the ground outside the school and the resultant shockwave shattered the front windows, hurling shards of glass in Li'l Bro's direction. I yelled at him to get down, but instead he did what Li'l Random always does when faced with a situation that's too much for him in real life: retreated into the standing fetal position. When I related this story to him, he asked "Did it work?" Indeed, I said, he escaped with barely a scratch. "That's my mutant power," he exclaimed, "super fetal position!"

And last but not least, a quick congratulations to Super Fetal Position Lad, who has just gotten a very nice promotion at work; in addition to being a great opportunity for him, the change in positions also means that the possibility of him being relocated to Washington D.C. for a year come October no longer exists, which is a big relief for all those who compete for The Argentinian Warlord's company.

*Quoth Miss ArkanSass: "He made me watch Cube." Which made me exclaim incredulously "You didn't like Cube?"