Tuesday, September 16, 2008

TV Tues - Shout Out to Uncle Ben

Okay, here are my thoughts on the few shows I said I'd watch in last week's post.


(Fox, 7:00): It took a little while for the show to get going for me; I really hated how horribly the bigwig treated what's-her-name (yeah, I'm not vested enough now to remember character names, and am at this moment too lazy to look it up) early on, and the mad scientist was just a little too mad in his early scenes. However, by the time the episode was over, I was mostly won over, largely thanks to Joshua Jackson's wisecracking self. That and the little touches of pure oddity, like the trio watching Spongebob with a cow standing right behind them, definitely show me that the show has potential.

Privileged (CW, 8:00): Was very pleasantly surprised by this one, liked it quite a bit more than I expected. Cheyenne from Reba did a great job in the lead and, well, I just can't help but like a show that includes the "with great power comes great responsibility" line followed immediately by a "Shout out to Uncle Ben" accompanied by a little raise-the-roof gesture. As long as the next few episodes maintain the snappy writing, I'll be in for the long haul.

Wipeout (ABC, 7:00 and 8:00): Laughed and laughed and laughed. And laughed some more when I re-watched the tape with PigPen and Cap'n Peanut on Saturday. Dang, I love this show.



World Extreme Cagefighting
(Versus, 8:00): Well, PigPen's softball game did get rained out, so I wound up taping and not watching it that night so I could watch it with PigPen and Cap'n Peanut on Saturday. I also made sure to avoid Versus the rest of the week so as not to accidentally catch the results of any of the fights. Therefore, it wasn' t until we started to watch the tape that we discovered that the fights had been canceled due to Hurricane Ike and is now scheduled for the first Wednesday in November.

FRIDAY, Sept 12

America's Toughtest Jobs (NBC 7:00): Despite the best of intentions, I didn't wind up watching this once I realized that I could probably watch the first few episodes on Hulu and watch the show unfold naturally with no spoilers of who's getting kicked off when. Sure enough, they're all available for online viewing. Now I just need to find the time to watch them . . .


Burn After Reading
Maybe I jinxed myself by including a movie in my TV Tuesday post last week; I got a call from Li'l Random about an hour or so before we were supposed to meet up for the movie telling me that he was on his way to Austin for work. So, still no new Coen Bros. goodness for me.

MONDAY, Sept 15

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
(Fox 7:00): Still have not watched the season premiere, so am now two weeks behind on the show.

So, that's the week that was . . . what about the week to come?



(Fox, 8:00) - Note the move to its regular time

Wipeout (ABC, 7:00) - This is the season finale, which will be an hour and a half long. Biggest draw is that this week the two hosts will try to run the course. Don't know if that means just one leg of it or all of them, but as long as I get to see the two Johns face-plant on the Big Balls, my week will be complete.

Privileged (CW, 8:00)


(Fox, 7:00): Flunky Lover wouldn't forgive me if I didn't mention the season premier of House on here, even though I still haven't become a regular viewer.

(CW, 7:00): Probably the last time I'll mention this on here, but figured I'd give a heads up to all of you old-school 90210 fans that tonight they'll be revealing which old school 90210 heart-throb is the father of Kelly's son.



UFC Fight Night
(Spike, 7:00): Here's hoping tonight's live fights -- including a bout between form Ultimate Fighter champ Mac Danzig and one of The Lovable PigPen's favorite fighters, Clay Guida -- actually happen.

Ultimate Fighter: Team Nogueira vs. Team Mir (Spike, 9:00): This season the show's going back to it's old "two weight class" structure with 16 lightweights and 16 light heavyweights. While I always look forward to the show, I can't help but feel that neither of the coaches will be even a fraction as entertaining as Rampage and Forrest were last season.



(No channel at no time) Still one more week until my Thursday night schedule starts to fill up


(CW 8:00): As much as I loved Supernatural, I'm afraid it was a victim of the horrible pile-up of shows I wanted to watch on Thursday nights, and I'm now a season and a half behind. One of these days I'm going to rent the DVDs, I swear . . . Anyhoo, tonight's the season premiere, for those of you who are still faithful fans.

FRIDAY, Sept 19


America's Toughtest Jobs
(NBC 7:00): All depends on if I find the time to watch the other eps online or not

SUNDAY, Sept 20


60th Annual Emmy Awards (ABC, 7:00) My general policy on most awards shows these days is to tape them and then fast-forward to the parts I care about; in the last couple of years, these tapes have largely gone unwatched. We'll see if this one is any different.

MONDAY, Sept 22 (a.k.a Beginning of The Big Week)


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
(Fox 7:00): No, really, honest, I mean it this time! Oh, all right, I'll probably be taping and not watchin

Heroes (NBC 7:00): Three hours of Heroes goodness, although the first hour will just be behind-the-scenes interviews and such, with Chapter 3: Villains actually starting at 8:00.

Big Bang Theory (CBS 7:00): The return of last season's best new sitcom -- which, granted, isn't saying all that much considering the dearth of quality sitcom premieres last year, but the fact remains that Big Bang Theory kicked butt. The premiere promises to be entertaining as Penny confides something to Sheldon in confidence and he, unable to reconcile his promise to secrecy with his obligation to share information with Leonard, puts him into a typical Sheldon meltdown.

How I Met Your Mother (CBS 7:30): Following up on the two big cliff-hangers of last season: will Stella say yes, and how does Barney cope with his realization that he's in love with Robin? I'd be lying if I said that second storyline didn't have me a tad concerned, but I'm going to give the show the benefit of the doubt.

Two and a Half Men (CBS 8:00): The season premiere finds Charlie wondering if an ex's son who looks suspiciously like him could be his. Not exactly ground-breaking plot material, but I'm sure the writers will do something original with it *knock on wood*


Worst Week (CBS 8:30): This new sitcom adapted from the BBC sitcom The Worst Week of My Life starts out by chronicling the disaster-filled week leading up to a couple's wedding day; subsequent story arcs will follow other disastrous weeks. This one has gotten some positive buzz, but just what little I've read makes it sound like the comedy will be of the Meet the Parents variety, which means it will probably make me want to kill myself two minutes in. But, I'll give it at least 1 minute 59 seconds of my time to prove me wrong . . .


Flunky lover said...

Flunky has been watching the Sarah Connor Chronicles since it started. Last night I went to tell him something just as the show started. I decided to watch for a few minutes before doing something else. I ended up watching the whole thing. It was so good.

Flunky lover said...

Thanks for the heads up regarding 90210. When I saw the the father of Kelly's baby would be revealed all of sudden I had to know also. I didn't even watch that whole series. Through a lucky break they talked about it during the commercial break of House. I won't ruin the surprise by telling you.