Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What a Crazy Random Happenstance

This weekend after an impromptu Odd Squodd Movie Afternoon, I was finally able to introduce Li'l Random to the wonder that is Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, and was pleased that not only was he highly impressed by the genius of Joss and company, but also that all of the small touches that made me laugh hysterically the first time I saw it struck him the same way, further proof of our shared brain.

While looking into when the promised DVD might be released, I stumbled across two improtant facts. First of all, all three acts are available for free again, courtesy of Hulu.com. The best part of this isn't that it's going to be much easier to get folks to give this a watch now that it's free again; now, the best part is that, thanks to Hulu's special embedding structure, I can now selectively highlight a few of my favorite moments to post here, like Dr. Horrible's thoughts on the importance of the Evil Laugh

or his letter from the Evil League of Evil

or the introduction of my favorite new catchphrase.

The second important fact is that as of yesterday the soundtrack is available for download from iTunes, with the official lyrics finally up on the main Dr. Horrible site. Yet another incentive for me to get that iPod I've been wanting, huh?