Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cap'n Shack-Fu and the Tale of the Roadhouse Tea-Cup

Recently Shack-Fu and I have been eating at Texas Roadhouse quite a bit; the staff there might not recognize us as readily as those at Frilly's, but they're getting there. After all, it's kind of hard to forget Shack-Fu, who will talk to anyone about anything, and who delights in giving the wait-staff a hard time. This past Sunday, we had a particularly lively waitress who was enjoying the banter with us quite a bit. When it came time for us to go, Shack asked her if he could have a to-go cup for his sweet tea. She said "Well, the cups are only this big, do you still want one," while holding up her hands to simulate a size that's probably close to a medium or large drink at most fast food places. Shack said that would be fine, so she went off to get his drink; when she came back, it was obvious that her skills at mime needed much improvement. "That's it?" Shack exclaimed. "That's so small!"

"I said it was about this big!" she exclaimed, repeating her earlier mime exactly; Shack-Fu held the teeny cup up to her hands, showing her that the real cup was a good two inches smaller than her mimed cup. "Sorry," she said. Shack-Fu, continuing our trend of giving her a hard time, very forcibly demanded "Bring me another one!" She jokingly made a big deal about how demanding he was, and he assured her he was just kidding. A few minutes later she came back, said "Here!" and slammed his replacement cup down in front of him, which caused both Shack-Fu and I to nearly fall onto the floor laughing. For you see, the replacement cup looked suspiciously like what it usually held was a substance that rhymes with tea . . .

Yes, she had filled one of those little to-go containers for sauces with sweet tea, and yes, it looked eerily like a specimen cup filled with urine. Which didn't stop Shack-Fu from whipping off the lid and downing it like a shot because he didn't want it to go to waste.

And yes, she did bring him another regular to-go cup of sweet tea.

And yes, she did get a very good tip from both of us; anyone who can get Shack-Fu like that deserves to be rewarded.