Friday, June 09, 2006

Roomies: The Next Generation

Slowly working myself back into the blogging mode . . . very slowly. Right now the only time I'm able to compose anything is when I'm nowhere near a computer; as soon as I sit down to actually type something up, the words desert me.

Very frustrating.

Basically, I'm posting for one reason and one reason only: so Zinger will stop calling me a slacker.

Of course, most of my attention recently has been focused on adapting to my new living arrangement, so let's talk about that, shall we?

First, let me introduce you to the latest additions to the ranks of that unlucky crew known as "my once and future roommates." Roomie #1 is Bizarro-Zinger, who also happens to be the owner of the house. Biz-Z is a former member of the Singles group, and was one of the lucky ones who got to witness my performance of The Popular Song on the rafting trip several years ago; he switched churches a while back along with his girlfriend. A former military man, Biz-Z just started as a full-fledged, full-time firefighter with the McKinney Fire Dept. last week, working a 24-on, 48-off schedule.

I find endless amusement in the fact that this man who was stationed overseas and who rushes into burning buildings for a living refuses to watch horror movies because, and I quote, they make him "scream like a little girl."

Roomie #2 is The Anti-Cap'n, whose first visit to the Singles group happened to coincide with my monkey graduation ceremony, and yet he didn't run screaming for the hills; a good sign. The Anti-Cap'n currently works for DishNetwork, but is pretty set on finding a new job ASAP, preferably one with a more favorable schedule. The A.C. is a big ol' TV and movie addict as well; we're still trying to iron out the best way to coordinate our respective movie-rental memberships so that there's no over-lap. Unlike Biz-Z, The A.C. is no sissy-boy* when it comes to horror films.

As for the living arrangements themselves, I'm still trying to get acclimated to the new environment. Remember, this is the first time I've roomed with anyone since Flunky graduated back in May of '99; not having complete run of the place is a bit of an adjustments. But, not nearly as bad as it could have been, since between their work schedules and active social lives, Biz-Z and The A.C. haven't been around all that much . . . so far.

To be honest, I don't know if their absence is a boon or not when it comes to my accepting this as my new home; when it's just me all alone for hours on end, I almost feel like an intruder. On the other hand, so far there's been absolutely no conflict with the bathroom in the mornings, which is nice.

The location of the house has its pros and cons: on the plus side, the drive home from work takes me right by a CVC Pharmacy and the Public Library, meaning that I don't have to make special trips to pick up medication or books anymore; on the con side, I have to deal with a lot more traffic coming to and from work and church. Also on the con side is the fact that I have practically no cell service here; it's like as soon as I turn into our neighborhood, I enter the "black hole of Sprint service," meaning that I don't get very many calls, and those that I do get have horrible reception. Which wouldn't be as bad if we actually had a phone line for the house, but alas, it's cell phones or nothing.

Another pro/con is the computer situation. On the plus side, there was room for my computer desk in the dining room area, so I didn't have to try to squeeze it into my teeny room; also, we have nice high-speed Internet, so no more slowpoke dial-up for me. On the minus side, with its current location, I can no longer be on the computer while I'm watching TV, which can’t help but impact the blogging.

Having to choose between my addictions is a real drag, y’know?

*Why, no, Biz-Z doesn't read the blog, why do you ask?