Friday, June 30, 2006

"Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion. "

You know, I want to be blogging more regularly, really I do. I mean, I don't like the thought of all the eager blog monkeys logging on to CoIM in hopes of a dose of my witty and insightful musing, full of pithy sayings and jocularity aplenty, only to instead be confronted with the *shudder* three-day-old posts. The only thing worse than the thought of dealing such disappointment is when Zinger points it out, taking a quote from one of my favorite movies, twisting it to his own evil purposes, and using it against me: "Todd, sometimes I doubt your commitment to CoIM."

That's just hurtful, that is.

Almost as hurtful as this link that he sent me while I was working on this post*.

Mean mean Zinger.

The lack of blogging can be attributed to a few things

  • Busy schedule: The last month or so has been filled with various activities which have drained my will to blog, from moving to Singles events to a weekend visit from the parental units; add on a Parkerite gathering tomorrow and a Book Monkey gathering on Sunday -- both of which will require much driving on my part -- and you can bet I'll be brain-dead by Monday.

  • Reading: I've been in reading mode the last few weeks, having finally finished Robin Hobb's The Tawny Man series, as well as having read the first two volumes of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the New Olympians series, not to mention having been browbeaten by Bubblegum Tate into starting Raymond Chandler's The Big Sleep. And, while I can sometimes blog while watching TV (as long as Biz-Z has left his laptop out), blogging while reading a book just isn't all that feasible.

  • Good Old-fashioned Writer's Block: When I do get the urge to blog, I've been finding myself stymied by an inability to conjure the appropriate words to describe any given situation. That's why you've yet to see my Tawny Man review, even though I finished those books weeks ago; just haven't been happy with any of my efforts at summarizing the plot. I know when I get like this I need to just power through and keep writing, much like I did when working on In a Cabin, but at least with that I knew that I could go back and edit it later before sending it off to Flunky; with the blog, once it's out there I don't like going back and tinkering with it unless absolutely necessary. But, at this point, in order to demolish the writer's block (not to mention get a Zinger-sized blog monkey off my back), I guess I'll just type up whatever substandard, pedestrian crap pops into my head. And with that in mind . . .

I had a bit of a surprise at lunch today; ordered a cheeseburger plain (of course), but when I bit into it, it definitely wasn't plain, but the taste wasn't the usual mayo or mustard or onion or whatever they usually leave on there when they screw up my order. I took off the bun, and saw a whitish sauce with green things sprinkled in it. I promptly spit out the hunk of burger (it was a really big bite), and took the unmasticated portion back up to the front. The cashier double-checked what she had typed in, and saw that she had hit plain and so declared "Well, it wasn't my fault," only to have the girl who had prepared the burger tell her that actually, it was: you see, when she had pressed the "plain" button, her finger slipped and hit another button afterwards . . . a button marked "pesto."

I still can't get the taste out of my mouth.

Hope that brief tale of my discomfort will appease the ravenous hoard of blog-starved blog monkeys clamoring for blood. And if not, well, I'll leave you with one of Dr. G'ovich's favorite songs back in the Parker days.

Disclaimer: major expletives, while deleted, are still easily made out, for those of you with sensitive ears.

*I told Zinger I was going to work the link into the post I was writing. His reply: "I look forward to seeing it next Wednesday"