Thursday, June 01, 2006

Smacked Upside the Head

Well, like any good masochistic blogger, I submitted CoIM for review to the curmudgeons at I Talk Too Much, who take malicious glee in tearing apart the hopes and dreams of bloggers everywhere. I submitted a while back, and of course they choose my "I'm brain-dead and am posting pure filler and YouTube links" phase to review the site. Consequently, the review went like this:

Just another work-a-day, ordinary, plain white bread, POS blog.

Nothing special at all, one way or t’other.

Big ol’ “HEY!” fat meh.

I also got 1 out of 5 "Smacks", which might sound bad, but at least I didn't get the boot, the "golden finger," the "stinky fish," or even "negative smacks."

I wonder how far into the archives the reviewer went (if at all); was his "this is blah" reaction just to the recent, very admittedly "blah" stuff, or did he poke around a bit to my older, wordier posts, and still come to the "blah" conclusion? I like to think that it's the former (self-delusion is my friend!), and that if he had read more, then his reaction might have been stronger.

Not positive, mind you; I have no illusions that me talking about my life and my pop culture addictions would be enough to earn me any better smacking results than I got, but at least it might have garnered a more impassioned review.

I didn't even get any full-on expletives, dagnabit!

And you just know that Redneck Diva is going to be rubbing her 3 Smacks rating in . . .


Redneck Diva said...

*stops rubbing her three smacks and whistles while looking around innocently*

I would NEVER do that!!

Well, like you said the other day, one smack is WAY better than negative ones!! And for what it's worth...I think you're WAY more than one smack!!

iamam said...

If you're really bummed about not getting expletives, I'd be more than happy to toss some your way. Or is it just not the same coming from me?

By the way, I, too, think that your blog is worth more than one smack.

Magic Pants said...

I think this is one of those blogs that really grows on you. It's like the sitcoms that start out a little over-your-head until you see it regularly, then you're addicted before you know what hit you. These people just need to give it more than a half a glance!

Cap'n Neurotic said...

Many thanks for the kind words, y'all.

I like Magic Pants' TV-show comparison (surprise, surprise); after all, who knows how many times I've talked a show up to someone else, only to have them finally watch it the week that they're airing the worst and/or most confusing episode ever. Happened with Quantum Leap, happened with Twin Peaks, happened with Buffy, happened with Sealab 2021 . . .

Photographer said...

Also you have to take into consideration the person reviewing your blog. Was it a guy-in too big a hurry to really check it out or was it a female- pre menstrual her thoughts were all over the place and probably hating you from the start just from having a penis or-was she depressed and you put her over the edge? Maybe she was going through menopause and too busy fanning herself due to hot flashes to really focus on the scree! Toad you know you rock my world so don't beleive everything you read! It was just one person's opinion probably and look here~You're handsome and gosh darn it-people like you!