Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Nothing but 90s Weekend

While my actual 4th of July was probably the most low-key, do-nothing 4th I've ever had (consisting mainly of much movie watching by The Anti-Cap'n and myself) the weekend leading up to the 4th was chock-full of activities. While I was driving back to Denton following the activities, I happened upon a radio station that was having a "Nothing but 90s Weekend" which seemed to sum up my weekend fairly well, as I spent it hanging out with the two groups that dominated my social life in the 90s: The Parkerites and The Book Monkeys. Originally my weekend was going to be solely devoted to The Book Monkeys, but about half-way through last week I found out that Clan Berzerkr was going to be in town, so a hasty rethinking of my itinerary was required. So, instead of spending all weekend in Stillwater, I spent all of Saturday with the Parkerites and then got up on Sunday and headed to Stillwater to celebrate Rebel Monkey's 30th birthday. After having all that fun*, my brain was pretty much dead for the next two days, hence the further lack of blogging. I would be typing up a full report of my activities right now, but I'm too distracted by watching Bizarro-Zinger's Pass Paramedic video, which has a bit of a mesmerizing "train wreck" quality to it. My favorite part: the way the test-takers constantly refer to putting on their "body substance isolation material" a.k.a. "rubber gloves."

Anyway, expect some elaboration on my weekend activities sometime soon . . . soon being a highly relative term.

*And no, that's not a euphemism for drinking