Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Few Thoughts on the Emmys

  • The fact that anyone associated with Will and Grace won anything is a travesty

  • Kyra Sedgwick was robbed

  • The "Bob Newheart will suffocate if we run long" gag was genius

  • Steve Carrell was robbed

  • The Steven Colbert/Jon Stewart presentation was the highlight of the show. "I lost to Copacabana. Wolverine I could have lost to. He's got claws for hands."

  • Chandra Wilson was robbed

  • When the segment honoring Dick Clark was announced, my first thought was "Oh, crap, is Dick Clark dead? How did I miss that?"

  • Jane Kaczmarek was robbed

  • Best acceptance speech had to be Greg Garcia (the writer of My Name is Earl's pilot) with his "here are the people I won't be thanking" list.

  • Will Arnett was robbed

  • Was I the only one disappointed that Farrah Fawcett's speech during the Aaron Spelling tribute was borderline coherent? Oh, well, at least she looked like she might break into unintelligible babbling at any moment, and that was worth a few minutes of entertainment.

  • Jamie Pressly was robbed

  • I can't believe that Arrested Development didn't win a single award, but at least most of the time it lost to other deserving shows (Earl and The Office)

  • Lauren Graham, Kelly Bishop, Zach Braff, Kristen Bell, Ethan Suple, T.R. Knight, the entire cast of Lost, and every cast member of The Office other than Carrell were all really, really, really robbed by not even being nominated.