Tuesday, August 29, 2006

On the Move

As some of you know, my living situation has recently changed again, and by "recently" I mean "less than a week ago." You see, midway through last week The Anti-Cap'n and I decided to move out of Biz-Z's place and move in with another of the Singles group, who we'll call Cap'n Red* for now. Cap'n Red was in desperate straits, needing two roomies to move in before the end of the month or else he wouldn't be able to afford his place. There were many factors in this decision: lower rent; enough room for me to get rid of my storage unit; closer to work and church; less traffic; and escape from the black hole of cell phone service.

Oh, and then there's the fact that I no longer have to live in fear that I will wake up one morning to find that The Anti-Cap'n and Biz-Z's personality clash has resulted in one of them snapping and killing the other in his sleep.

That's, y'know, a bonus.

There were only two real downsides to the move. The first is that, because of the incredibly short notice that A.C. and I got, Biz-Z got even shorter notice that he was going to be without roomies to help him pay his mortgage, which sucks. The second drawback is that due to the accellerated moving schedule, I wasn't able to make it to Survivor: Book Monkey Island, which would have been merely a sad thing for me, if there hadn't been so many people having to cancel earlier that my dropping out at the last minute was the final straw, and S:BMI was no more. Now, if you thought Biz-Z was unhappy about being given short notice, that's nothing compared to the rancor I face from a certain irate Book Monkey. Not going to name names, but let's just say that if someone discovers my mutilated body skewered on a tiki torch with the words "The Tribe Has Spoken!" carved into my flesh, you might want to have the cops call Tin Man.

But despite the fact that the move men ticking a few people off, the pros outweighed the cons for me, and the move was underway. After tonight I'll probably be without home Internet access until sometime next week at the earliest, so barring any lunch-time blogging things might be a bit sparse around here.

I know, I know: what else is new.

*Pretty sure he said he was a potential CAP'NS member