Wednesday, January 24, 2007

In Case You Couldn't Tell, I'm Feeling Much Better Today

The following conversation took place this morning before PigPen and I left for work

PigPen: [strolling out of his room] Hola, que tal?
Me: [sitting at my computer] Bien.
PigPen: [heading to the kitchen] Yeah, que tal . . . but Sue short. [erupts into maniacal laughter] Oh, man, I crack me up
Me: ...
PigPen: [wanders back out of the kitchen] Did you get my joke?
Me: Yeah, I got it.
PigPen: But you didn't comment on it.
Me: Funny, I thought my silence was a resounding comment on your joke.
PigPen: [fixes me with mega-loathing stare]