Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Random Roomie-Related Ramblings

  • On January 2, PigPen started a new job. The upside of this is that the new job is actually in Denton with regular M-F, 8-5 hours, meaning that he's around quite a bit more. Of course, the downside is that he's around quite a bit more . . . Actually, the biggest problem with his new schedule has to do with getting ready in the mornings, since now all three of the Boys of Benjiman Street are trying to get ready at around the same time each day, with a limited amount of hot water to go between us. PigPen, being the sole user of the master bath downstairs, is lucky, insofar as that term "master" really applies; when PigPen has hot water, everyone else must suffer, as I learned to my dismay early last week. So now, I've been having to time my morning ablutions so that I can hop in the shower after The Anti-Cap'n is done, but before PigPen rouses from his slumber, which occasionally leaves PigPen with the short end of the stick, hot shower wise.

  • Last week I was heading home from the gym when PigPen gives me a call, wanting to see if I'll stop by the store and pick up some groceries, including milk. I say sure, and then proceed to have the following exchange:

    Me: So, what do you prefer? Half, whole, what?
    PigPen: [indignant] What did you just say?
    Me: What kind of milk? Half, whole, wh--
    PigPen: Ohhhhhhhhh, "half, whole" -- I thought you called me an [expletive deleted]*

    And thus, a new faux expletive has been added to the repertoire, next to "fudge ripple" and "mother-father-Chinese-dentist": "half-whole."

  • Yes, PigPen and I played racquetball on Monday. No, I didn't win. But, neither did I totally humiliate myself, which I'm sure will come as a surprise to all of those who giggled like Shack-Fu losing his man-card when they asked if they could come watch. If only I could say the same about our game on Tuesday, when PigPen demonstrated his ability to pick up on the mechanics of gameplay quickly, and I demonstrated my ability to self-destruct.

  • You may be asking yourself "Why all the PigPen folderol but little news of The Anti-Cap'n?" Well, while PigPen's new schedule has increased the amount of time he's around the house, The A.C.'s new work schedule has had the opposite effect, so I just don't wind up having much interaction with him these days. Plus, PigPen's HyperTwin powers do lend themselves much more to blog-worthy incidents.

*Even though you all know what it was, you gutter minded blog monkeys you