Thursday, January 18, 2007


While playing racquetball with PigPen*, I often find cause to compliment him on an exceptionally well-executed play in my traditional way: calling him names and expressing my desire that some horrible fate might strike him down.

You know, the usual.

However, a few days ago, following a particularly well-placed shot that afforded me no chance of a return, I co-opted a phrase coined by Dr. Cox on last week's episode of Scrubs, declaring "I mega-loathe you." This very quickly took seed in our personal lexicons, so that any time one of us makes a particularly good (or lucky) shot, the other just shakes his head and mutters "Mega-loathe."

I, of course, wind up using the phrase a lot more than PigPen**

Unfortunately, this has now inspired PigPen to create a new game: the "How many times can I generate mega-loathing in Todd before he finally snaps?" game*** Yes, now most of the time I'm hanging out with PigPen looks like this:

  1. I leave myself open for an insult/slam
  2. PigPen obligingly makes the insult/slam
  3. PigPen looks at me with an expectant grin, waiting for the call
  4. (a) I decline to mega-loathe him at that juncture, which results in a crestfallen PigPen
    (b) I unleash my mega-loathing , which results in a gloating PigPen****
Now, normally I would just wait it out until something shiny comes by and catches his attention, but I'm afraid the Mega-Loathing Game has captured his focus like nothing short of video games and paintball has, and so I'm in for the long-haul on this one.

You better watch out, G'ovich; it looks like PigPen is gunning for the "Most Eeeeeeeeevil Roomie Ever” Award.

*At the time of this writing, my W-L ratio is approx. 1-12, give or take a few losses
** Did I mention that I've only managed to win one game?
***PigPen claims that when he scores a hit, he can feel the "Todd look" burning into his skull -- sadly, he has yet to burst into flames as a result, but here's hoping.
****This naturally increases the mega-loathing even more