Friday, January 12, 2007

That'll Do, Pigpen, That'll Do

Last night, following a perfectly innocent exchange in which I became a bit tongue-tied, PigPen not only declared that I had a new nickname*, but went on to post a blog about it.**

The nerve of some people, just airing their private, personal conversations with the whole world. I mean, would I ever post a humiliating story about my friends? Would I ever go out of my way to mock them or abuse them or call them names? Would I assign potentially embarassing nicknames to my good friends?

I just don't know how anyone puts up with that sort of stuff.

*I'm not looking forward to the moment when he realizes he pegged me with the wrong Looney Toon name, since the one with the appropriate speech impediment is a much less flattering nick. But, I won't tell if you won't***
**He kept muttering something about "turnabout" and "fair play" and "see how you like it," but who knows what that's all about.
***You're going to tell, aren't you?