Friday, January 26, 2007

The Non-Combatant Chronicles Epilogue: Shutterbug Shack-Fu

While waiting for the full contingent of players to arrive on Sunday, Shack-Fu decided to finish up the roll of film on his camera by having those of us already there pose for some pictures. He started off with a few shots of Tango and Victor moving through the woods

He decided to add Cookies, The Sniper, and me to the mix for some group shots. Even though I was a non-combatant this time around, Shack-Fu loaned me his gun for photographic purposes.

Me, Cookies, The Sniper, Tango, and Victor

Then the others showed up, and the camera went away until the end of the Eagle-One scenario, when Shack-Fu decided to get a few shots of him and me in Sherwood Forest.

Codename: Cap'n Sour-puss

Shack-Fu next to the flag-draped Filing Cabinet of Sherwood Forest

After the final game, Shack-Fu whipped out the camera again, first to capture Team Awesome leader Victor seething over his final kill shot

and then to capture him trying to huff CO2 to dull the agony of defeat.*

Meanwhile, fellow team member Awesome Mike tried to drown his sorrows in paintballs while Bravo stood by haplessly.

*No, he didn't really huff CO2


Maltese Cross said...

Awesome photos. I would expect Shack-Fu to work some choreographc magic for a camera.