Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Apparently, I'm an Enigma

Yesterday I got an email from Rebel Monkey inviting me to take a "who well do you know me" quiz she'd made on Testriffic. After bombing her quiz horribly, I decided that I would construct my own quiz that all of my friends and family could horribly bomb in turn. Okay, so that wasn't my real goal, but apparently when I decided not to make it too easy, I went too far in the other direction.

I think part of the problem is that I don't have any "life-long" friends who've been a part of my life non-stop from elementary school on. After high school I lost contact with almost everyone from Wyandotte until about 2003 or thereabouts, so there's at least a 10 year gap that most of them won't know about except through the blog; similar knowledge gaps apply to each of my other groups of friends. To be honest, about the only people I truly expect to score high on this are my parents, and even then there are a couple at which they'd probably have to guess. Maybe I should have created multiple tests: "Cap'n Neurotic: The High School Years"; "Cap'n Neurotic: The Parkerite Years"; etc.

While coming up with the questions, I thought that most of them would be obvious to long time blog monkeys*, but after seeing some of the scores, I went back and tried looking up some of the answers in the CoIM archives. Turns out that only half of the answers were stated directly in previous blog posts; there are three or four additional answers which could probably be extrapolated from other posts, but even then that leaves six or seven questions which have never been addressed here at all.

Since the quiz only tells you what you got wrong, and not what the right answers are, I'm planning on posting the answers with some explanations sometime next week.

*I will admit to making the final question a bit of a toughie which only readers of In a Cabin will have a chance of knowing 100%, and at least one other question was made purposefully tricky, and has been successful in tripping up almost every person who's just tried to make an educated guess.


cedric_the_destroyer said...

I tried to take the quiz, but it refuses to acknowledge my e-mail as valid.

Cap'n Neurotic said...

Well, your name is showing up in the quiz results, so I guess the problem resolved itself; Testriffic seems to have quite a few issues to resolve.