Monday, February 19, 2007

Movie Mon. - For the Record, Sin City, Road to Perdition and 300 Are Comic Book Movies Too

The Quiet: Strange, dark, and often depressing film about a deaf-mute orphan who moves in with her highly dysfunctional god-parents and their equally dysfunctional daughter and finds out some pretty disturbing family secrets. Well done film, with a great performance by Elisha Cuthbert as the troubled (and a bit twisted) daughter.

Zoom: Academy for Superheroes: Kiddee-oriented film about a washed-up superhero (Tim Allen) who has been pulled out of retirement to train a group of super-powered kids to go on a top-secret mission. While it had a few worthwhile moments, this one was a big strike-out for me: horrible plotting, horrendous pacing, and one too many gross-out jokes. My advice is skip this one, and watch the similar themed, but much superior Sky High instead.

13 Tzameti: French film about a down-on-his-luck roofer who stumbles across an offer to make a lot of money which turns out to be a ticket straight into a dark game of life and death. An interesting film which was well made, but in the end, it left me a bit cold.

Ghost Rider: Surprisingly enjoyable comic book movie about a stunt driver who sells his soul to the devil to save his father's life, and in turn is cursed to become the devil's bounty hunter. I have to say, I had horribly low expectations going into this one, due to the incredibly lame and cheesy nature of most of the trailers. But, at the same time, I do have an affinity for cheesy films at times, and I was morbidly curious about just how bad it could be. But, in the end, most of the truly bad lines were already shown in the trailers, and their were enough cool FX and genuinely funny moments to make this one a fun ride. Were there plot holes? Sure. Were the fight scenes anti-climactic? Almost always. Does Nic Cage need to go to Overactors Anonymous? More than likely. My only complaint is that it's exactly the sort of film that inspires the "Of course it was cheesy, what do you expect, it's a comic book" type of comment -- a fact I know firsthand since it was one of the first things Peanut said after the movie was over. *sigh*


Zinger said...

Did he fight any bees? Bees from Hell?